There are quite a number of health and safety hazards that are likely to be experienced at the workplace on a day to day basis. It is therefore very crucial for the employees to identify these risks and find a way of mitigating them in the best way possible. Carrying out a full risk assessment will go a long way in helping to identify the potential hazards and work at possible ways of eliminating and even preventing them. Alexander Djerassi believes in the idea that people should be able to do whatever it takes in order to avoid any unnecessary injuries and accidents.

Common Health and Safety Hazards in the Workplace

Some of the most common health and safety hazards that are most likely to be encountered in the workplace are discussed below:

1.Safety Hazards

Safety hazards are often very dangerous. They are usually more likely to affect employees who work either at construction sites, or those who deal mostly with machinery. Some of the most common safety hazards may include trips and falls, slips or even operating machinery and electrical hazards that are dangerous. Generally, the people who work in most utility sectors are at a much greater risk generally. It is therefore advised that people who work in the aforementioned sectors should be more careful with the operations in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

2.Physical Hazards

Physical hazards may generally be of danger to those who either work in places that have very extreme weather conditions, or environments that are harmful. Workers who are exposed to continuous ultraviolet and sun rays, radiation or even noise that is very loud; over long periods of time stand a greater risk. The physical risks often mostly affect people who are exposed to long hours of standing out in the open sunshine. There are quite a number of workers who are often affected by this. Care must thus be taken in a bid to avoid the risks that may come along with the physical hazards. Use of sunscreens will for example go a long way in helping to avoid this health hazard.

3.Ergonomic Hazards

Ergonomic hazards are those hazards that may put a strain on an individual’s body over a certain period of time. This is often mostly detrimental to workers who take part in manual roles that are very likely to bring about damage, over prolonged periods of time. For instance, jobs that may necessitate sitting or even lifting over long periods of time for long hours are most likely to suffer. Alexander Djerassi is in favor of the idea that caution be taken by workers, in order to avoid these Ergonomic hazards that may bring about lifelong destruction.

4.Chemical Hazard

Chemical hazards are often a major threat to employees who have roles that expose them mostly to dangerous solvents, gases that are flammable or even dangerous liquids. Most of those who may be affected include those who work in cleaning facilities, employees in fields and engineers. Exposure to dangerous chemicals that are harmful may bring about breathing difficulties, skin irritation and other many illnesses. It is thus very important to take the necessary precautionary measures such as wearing personal protective equipment, in a bid to ensure safety.

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