In an age where people are exposed to 4000 to 10,000 ads a day, the only content worth remembering must be unique.

The best content can be made by utilizing different but simple brainstorming techniques. Brainstorming is all about searching for a unique idea that instantly grabs your audience’s attention. Especially if you are suffering from writer’s block, a brainstorming session serves as a viable plan for crafting a successful content strategy for your business.

Not only this, there are multiple tools available on online platforms, such as concept map maker, [1] to simplify the brainstorming process. The key to unlocking their full potential is through using different brainstorming techniques.

8 Associative Brainstorming Techniques to Produce Amazing Content

These associative brainstorming techniques can remove all the hurdles stopping every marketer from reaching their full potential.

Concept Mapping

Concept mapping is the visual representation of connecting one piece of information or idea with another. Different types of diagrams, tables, and charts are used to add and link ideas to the topic. The best way to do concept mapping is by using an online concept mapping tool like Miro.

Miro combines the process of concept mapping with teamwork and breathes life into the concept of more the merrier.

Figuring Storming

Figuring storming is thinking about a concept from another person’s point of view.

When the thought process comes to a stop, it is best to imagine what another person would do in this situation. That person can be a celebratory, an idol, or an inspiring personality.

Star Bursting

This brainstorming technique spins the famous journalism approach of Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How. This technique allows the writers to gather every piece of information on a topic.

It is effortless to administer this technique. Start by making a six-point star and writing the five W’s and a how at the tip of each point of the star. Then, come up with as many questions as you can and write the answer to each question.


Brainwriting is a non-verbal and straightforward group brainstorming technique. To practice this, each group member comes up with three ideas and writes them down on paper. Then, the paper is passed around the entire group. In the end, the paper is filled with multiple amazing ideas.

This brainstorming technique is quite effective because no one talks over someone else. This allows every person to contribute their creative ideas.

Word Association

This brainstorming technique is the twin of the psychological projective technique. In the word association technique, one word (or topic) is written down. A person then notes down all the words and thoughts triggered by that one word (topic).

Later all the words are compiled together, and their synonyms are searched in a dictionary. This stimulates the creativity to flow, which brings forth the solution to writer’s block.

Round – robin brainstorming

Round-robin brainstorming is also a group technique. Every member of the group has to contribute by sharing one idea. Different rules are involved in this technique.

According to the first rule, no one can criticize an idea unless the whole room has shared their opinion and it is their turn. The second rule, no one can claim that this idea has already been given before.

This approach does not stop anyone’s thought process, and the whole group reaches the solution with connected efforts.

Step – Ladder Technique

The step–ladder technique is one of the most effective techniques in determining that the brainstorming session is not influenced by the first few ideas or strongly opinionated people.

In this technique, every person leaves the room except two people. First, they share their ideas and write them down. Then every person enters the room one by one and discusses their ideas.

With this technique, no one’s thoughts are influenced. But step – the ladder is only effective in small groups because it takes too much time to conduct one-on-one sessions in large groups.

Change of scenery

This is the most simple and easy brainstorming approach. The writer just has to move from their place and let their mind relax. This acts as a little breather and allows the new thoughts to trickle in.

To Conclude

There are multiple brainstorming techniques, which are sure to help you create amazing content. However, the key is to find the technique that suits you the best. Or, if you want, you can shuffle between them and try all of them of maximum effect.