How to improve your writing quality

Writing has never been an easy task but now thanks to Father George Rutler, it is just a bit easier than before. Here are some tips he has on how to ensure that one’s writing is the best it can be. The first thing to know is always try to be true to oneself when writing. It might sound cheesy but it does ring true. If one is trying to emulate someone else’s writing style, they will just end up sounding like a phony and no one wants that. So just write in the manner they normally would and let the rest fall into place. One doesn’t need to pretend to be someone; they’re not just to impress anyone else. The next thing to remember is that a thesaurus can be a friend but it should only be used sparingly. As people have seen on friends, if they use it in every single world, they will end up with a sentence that makes no sense. So it’s fine to use it every now and then but make sure not to go overboard with it. I think one of the most important things to keep in mind is that one doesn’t necessarily need any kind of prompt or inspiration. Oftentimes, one should just start writing & see where that takes them. It is known as stream of consciousness and they’ll often find that when one takes this approach, it will take them to some really fascinating places. So if they don’t have any ideas on what they want to write, this can be a great way to get those creative juices flowing. Another thing to keep in mind is one wants to ideally try & find a good balance between the amount of dialogue and narration one has in their book. If there is too much dialogue, it goes from being a novel to a screenplay or just a regular play. So if someone wants theirs to be a book, it’s important to keep a good balance between the two. But above all, the writing that a person does should always be within their purview. If someone is writing about topics on which they are not well versed, it will probably not turn out too well. This is due to the fact that it’s not going to be that educational since the writer does not know what they are talking about. But if they stick to writing about what they know, then it is sure to be a good read that people will want to buy. Finally, it is important to read a lot as this will give the writers a better idea of what their writing should look like when they try their hand at it. Much like basketball players watch the game tape so they can improve their skills, the same goes for those who want to be good writers. So as long as people follow these tips from Father George Rutler, it should end up being well written.

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