As you might have probably realized, recent years have seen the wellness world revolve around a hopeful substance known as CBD or cannabidiol. Currently, there’s a boom in the CBD market with online and physical stores selling various products, including CBD pet treats, CBD oils, tinctures, CBD beauty products, etc.

Experts estimate the market to reach $20 billion by 2024. There are two factors responsible for this. One is the legalization of the growth and sale of hemp through the US Farm Bill and the advancement in technology.

Technology affects many aspects of our lives. For example, ordering electronics, food, or even Sunday Scaries CBD gummies online has become accessible and more prevalent because of technological advancement. Therefore, you may wonder what these technologies are. Here are the top six latest advances in the CBD tech field.

  1. Nanotechnology

One way to measure the efficiency of CBD products is through their absorption levels into the bloodstream. Scientifically, it’s referred to as bioavailability. An excellent bioavailability improves the efficiency of the compound that treats health conditions. 

Naturally, CBD manufacturer’s focus shifted to increase the bioavailability of their products. Therefore, to achieve better bioavailability, the CBD manufacturers preferably created “water-soluble” CBD oils instead of conventional ones.

Even though these products aren’t entirely water-soluble, studies suggest that these CBD oils have molecules that are shrunk to tiny sizes through nanotechnology. These little shrunk CBD molecules are more efficient when entering the bloodstream because they are closely packed. Therefore, the latest advancement in the CBD tech field will help increase the bioavailability of CBD products.

  1. Improvement in the extraction process

Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexels

Previously, the cannabis extraction process had limited options. However, introducing high-tech industrial machinery helped present new cannabis extracts that include wax concentrates, oral tinctures, and vape oils. One of the well-known advanced extraction techniques is supercritical CO2   extraction.

Through this process, a rise in temperature and pressure converts gaseous CO2 into a supercritical fluid. It’s where CO2 has two properties – both gas and liquid. In this state, CO2 acts as a solvent and separates essential compounds from plant materials. Supercritical CO2 is a recent method. However, it’s an ideal and popular choice. It’s the safest, quickest, and cleanest chemical extraction method for waxes and oils from cannabis.

  1. Genetic Engineering

With a variety of players currently entering the CBD market, there’s a rise in competition. This competition makes it more challenging to survive in the market by the minute. CBD manufacturers are finding it tougher to stand out from the competition and invent unique products that get the consumer’s attention. Now and then, we see new CBD products hitting the shelves or new categories of CBD-derived items entering the market. 

You may pause and wonder. How do CBD manufacturers come up with unique CBD products? The answer is through genetic engineering. This technological advancement involves the employment of advanced techniques that manipulate the genetic structures of the cannabis plant. This process leads to creating unique CBD products with unique qualities and enhanced benefits to the consumer.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

The future of online marketing lies in big data and data science, and there’s no exception with CBD products. With AI, you can gather information concerning CBD customers, buying preferences, and habits. With this information, one can know the product to improve, remove from the portfolio, and understand the products that have a higher demand in the online market.

Using Artificial Intelligence has also played a vital role in helping marketers and scientists collect data to analyze commercial trends and scientific reasons. Currently, there’s lots of information regarding CBD products on the internet.

You will have a more significant advantage over the competition by gaining valuable information to improve your CBD business if you can invest in AI. The essential thing to know is the access to customer’s purchase habits and market data will help you have an advantage over the competition.

  1. Blockchain and Crypto in the CBD industry

Photo by Worldspectrum from Pexels

With the creation of government regulations and policies, there have been many roadblocks there’s been stumbling blocks in the world’s sight’s biggest boom ever since the internet bubble. However, nothing can stop what’s forthcoming. 

The banking industry has dominated the CBD industry. Many of the biggest companies in the world have faced difficulties over the years. Here we introduce blockchain technology. 

CBD businesses, which may not conduct banking or finance business through standard banking channels, can use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to buy and move money without government oversight or regulation.

  1. More CBD levels

THC and CBD are both present in CBD products. There is, however, a difference in the levels of the two compounds. When consumed in vast quantities, THC can have psychoactive effects. 

Many CBD users prefer products that have a higher CBD level with a lower THC content. With the help of cross-breeding techniques, growers can achieve new strains with greater CBD levels. As technology and research develop, we will see more CBD-rich strains that are more efficient and better tasting.


The CBD industry has a bright future. We can expect that future product will be safer, lighter, and more efficient due to all the latest advancements in the CBD tech field. Hopefully, studies will reveal more ways to treat various diseases as time goes on.

By Helper