If you are inching closer to retirement and are on the lookout for an idyllic location to spend your golden years with your partner, Phuket happens to tick all the boxes. This tropical island in the South of Thailand is popular among European and Scandinavian expats who wish to escape the harsh winters and spend their downtime in a tropical paradise, indeed, many expats live in Phuket all year round. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why this tropical island paradise is so popular.

  • Year-Round Tropical Climate – The South of Thailand has two seasons, the wet and dry, with the dry season beginning in January and running through to July, but even the rainy season is pleasant. Heavy rains are quickly followed by strong sunshine, leaving lush, green vegetation, and it rarely rains for longer than 40 minutes. November to February is the coolest time of the year, which is high season that sees many foreign tourists arriving from Europe, indeed, many expats spend 6 months in their second home in Phuket and rent it out for the rest of the year, which brings in a steady income.
  • Great Social Life – Living in Phuket means meeting people from all walks of life who are experiencing their golden years in the sun, and with publications like Phuket Magazine, you can find out all about up and coming social events, while also checking out available real estate. There are, for example, Scandinavian run bars where you can chat with fellow countrymen over a few cold beers, and no matter where you come from, there will be restaurants that serve your cuisine.
  • Gateway to Tropical Islands – Phuket is the port to set off when looking to explore the famous Phi Phi Islands, sheer faces of limestone rock that sit in crystal clear waters, and hiring a boat for a day is not going to be a huge expense. If you are into scuba diving, Phuket is the ideal venue to live, with the amazing Andaman Sea at your feet and knowledgeable skippers who can take you to the best dives.
  • Real Estate – Some of the best holiday home real estate is along the beaches in Phuket, and many A-List celebs own a home on the cliffs, so don’t be surprised if you bump into David Beckham on the beach, or see Johnny Depp’s vessel moored in the harbour, Phuket is never going to be cheap when buying property, but it will appreciate in value, as this island town has been a firm favourite for many years and that doesn’t look like its changing anytime soon. Whether you prefer a bungalow or condo unit, there are many to choose from, simply browse the expat magazines and you will see property for sale.

You could not find a better place to spend your retirement than Phuket, and with other regions of Thailand waiting for you, be prepared for some amazing experiences in the Land of Smiles.

By Manager