If you are looking for the perfect wedding party venue, look no further than Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar, formerly known as Rangoon. It is very likely that none of your proposed guests have even experienced the wonders of Myanmar, and there’s plenty to see and do after the wedding reception is over.

Online Solutions

If you are at all unsure how to go about sourcing a suitable hotel as a venue for your up and coming event, Google is your best friend and can provide you with a list of wedding hotels in Myanmar, and after some browsing, you can make your booking and begin to plan your event. Make sure you select a hotel that has extensive experience in hosting wedding receptions, as this will ensure they have you covered in every way.

Selecting a Wedding Package

Whether you wish to use a stately ballroom for 500 guests, or require a more intimate setting for a buffet lunch, there are hotels in Yangon that have everything you need for a perfect wedding experience. Obviously, your guests would require overnight accommodation, and any major Yangon hotel would have many suites available for your guests. The venue would be very flexible and happy to work around your ideas, whatever they may be.

Wonderful Local Attractions

If you are planning on spending your honeymoon in Myanmar, there are lots of amazing places to visit, and by talking to a local guide, you can plan a schedule. Having an English-speaking guide is invaluable, as they can tell you about the history of the many attractions, and whenever you wish to purchase some souvenirs, the guide will make sure you don’t pay too much.

Unspoilt Natural Beauty

Myanmar is one of the few countries in the world that has yet to be tainted by commercial development, and if you are spending your honeymoon in Myanmar, make sure you hire an English-speaking guide, who can take you to some of the best local attractions. Yangon is the ideal location for your base, as you can plan daily excursions, each to a different place, and some of the amazing Buddhist temples will surely be on your list of places to see.

Professional Event Planners

When you use the services of an established hotel for your wedding party, you have the benefit of an experienced event planner; someone who will take the strain, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience without the worry of organising. They will handle all the details of the wedding party, and with your input, everything will be just as you wish, with your chosen menu and live entertainment.

If you are looking for an idyllic place to host your wedding, you couldn’t find a nicer place that Myanmar, where the world still moves at a slow pace and commercial development has yet to set foot in such an amazing country.

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