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Without the information presented by journalists, society would not have progressed. To this day not much has changed on our dependence on journalism. Think about how women used to not be taught to read. The information was blocked from their minds because they didn’t understand what was being presented. Now, many top journalists are CEOs of companies because journalism allowed generations to adapt. Ken Kurson enjoys learning about the history of journalism and its importance to society. 

Of course, now everyone is granted an education. However, back when the force of journalism first started, that was not the case. Journalism allowed women and minorities to have a voice. Authors like Jane Austen and Emily Dickenson were able to write some of the most revolutionary books because of journalism. Although it may not seem like journalism is a pressing indicator of why we are the way we are, it is. Politics, healthcare, education, and the environment are all part of what journalists do. Ken Kurson misses the rush of doing a breaking news article because of how tremendous the impact was on society.