When was the last time you picked up a newspaper? How long did it take you to find the story you were looking for? As many of us probably assume, looking something up on the internet is much faster than searching through a gigantic block of paper. The concern is not that newspaper companies and local organizations should go out of business, it’s that they should transfer to online entities. The reason being is simply to save the planet. At this point, none of us humans have a choice. In one way or another, we have contributed to the temperature increase of Planet Earth, and it is our responsibility to reverse it. Many of you might be wondering well, how is that possible? How will a few sheets of paper reverse the clock on climate change? Journalist and media savant, Ken Kurson, has a developed campaign of ideas on how newspapers should be merely online. He has worked diligently to solve this issue and with the help of a research team, has finally come to the conclusion that there is no way around going transitioning news outlets to go paperless. 

The digital world is very persistent about growing audiences, world-wide, just online. With that, there comes a lot of responsibility. Kurson has said that the newspaper industry has to stay relative in order to stay relevant to society, according to More Monmouth Musings. The industry needs to grow audiences where they least expect. Kurson believes that starting campaigns with younger audiences might be the only way to entice subscriptions. Let’s say a publisher gives a student discount to readers. They will be much more enticed to use it at a lower cost and are more likely to continue the subscription once they graduate. 

There are so many techniques that Ken has come up with that really help establish an online platform for newspapers. The most important part of each campaign is to show that they care about climate change. Make it highly known through ads, social media, blogs, and anything else that the publishers are very much interested in bettering society as a whole.  That way, audiences are aware of this change and are much more likely to participate in the future engagement. Another topic of interest that Kurson believes is valuable would be to host online events. Many students go to workshops or conferences that help grow their knowledge in their given study. Kurson, as seen on HuffPost, encourages these newspaper companies to sponsor such events. Even hosting them will grow their network and possibly employee people. It can be very beneficial to the company as a whole and establish a great reputation for them while doing so. LinkedIn now offers online seminars that can be accessed through an account. By posting the campaign there, so much advertising can easily be done. In addition, having this paperless campaign might make breaking news which will just increase the audience further.

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