The world is constantly changing. There is no one answer to how writing has contributed to the world’s evolution. Journalists like Ken Kurson are shocked as to how it has so vastly changed from the time he first started. There is so much that writing has brought us and will bring us in the future.

Books are something that once upon a time, didn’t exist. The knowledge and perceptions people have gathered from reading any genre of the story are remarkable. Articles, biographies, memoirs, and other forms of writing are extremely beneficial to the progression of human developments. Even technology experts use writing as code when computing data. There is so much complexity with writing and there is uncapped beauty to it as well. Romance novels, poetry, even letters sent to loved ones at war, are all part of why writing has forever changed the world. Ken Kurson loves to go back to his family’s history and see the letters they have written. Whether it’s a diary or a html code, writing is ever-changing.

By Article Editor

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