Ways to ensure your commercial move goes smoothly

Moving offices is a daunting task with so much more to it than many people realise. Here, we’ve put together three tips to help you have a successful move.

  1. Talk to the professionals

Especially if you’re a small business, it’s always tempting to cut corners to save money where you safely and reasonably can – but sometimes that just isn’t a good idea. While it might be fair enough to put the office furniture together yourself rather than pay someone else to do it, with something like a commercial office move you are going to want to talk to the people who know what they’re doing; don’t go hunting down what looks like a great new office yourself. Instead, talk to people in the know like Souqh real estate services, so you can be certain you’re getting the latest insider knowledge. You may end up going back to choose something you found yourself – but it’s always good to get as much information as possible.

  1. Outsource people not just services

When you’re planning a big move, especially commercially, it is obvious that you are going to want to use an outside company to help you with all the practicalities like moving equipment and reinstalling fixtures at the other end. However, working with a good company doesn’t always mean you’re going to end up with the best people for the job – so, whether you live in an unfortunate area where you feel unsure about any of the moving companies or whether you just like things done a certain way, you should talk to a company like HCR Personnel Solutions who can help you feel secure that you’ve got the right people for the job. It’s important to plan these things with a little bit of time in advance so that you’re ensuring that you’re freeing up people’s time so they can focus on their responsibilities or parts of the move.

  1. Provide moving day activities

Though you may be in charge of the big move, it impacts your employees too. So, for the few days while your offices are moc=ving, perhaps you could reward your employees with one activities based day instead of providing an alternative office – for example, you could rent or buy some equipment from https://www.wickedridgecrossbows.com and give them a day learning how to enjoy this exciting new activity. While you of course need them to keep being productive for the majority of the time to keep your business afloat, they should never go underappreciated and giving them the opportunity to let off some steam after putting up with the stress of the office being packed up is a good idea. It can be extremely stressful and emotions for your employees to move, so having a few fun activities set up can help ensure that people feel as happy and confident as can be. 

Moving offices is an exciting time in a business’ lifespan, especially if it’s a sign of expansion – to make sure it’s as positive an experience as possible, make sure you approach it as practically as you can!