Moving on from a negative work experience

Leaving a job isn’t always a positive experience – if you’ve taken all you can from a job and moved on to something you’re passionate about, then that’s fantastic and you can move on with a positive attitude and no regrets. However, in some cases there might be a situation where you have felt you have had to leave due to unfair treatment or have maybe even been dismissed. These experiences can be really traumatic and can even leave you feeling like you don’t want to rejoin the workforce at all. Luckily, here we’ve made a short list of ideas and resources you might want to take advantage of to help you move past this negative experience.

  1. Don’t just ‘let it go’

Some common advice after someone is mistreated is to tell them just to let it go – however, if you’ve been really badly treated or if this bad treatment has caused long lasting negative effects then that is the last thing you should do. Additionally, your actions could prevent the same situations from occurring to other people – so if you feel able, you should absolutely search for the best employment attorney near me and see if you have a good case against the employers that treated you so badly. It’s important that you don’t try to rush over the healing process, because if you do you may just end up burying things rather than actually working through and past them.

  1. Start a new venture

If your negative experience has left you so turned off to employment that you’re trying to find a way around rejoining the workforce ever again, then it might be time for you to consider a new approach and think about beginning your own business. If you can work out where to get a little seed funding, for example from your savings, from relatives, or through crowdfunding, then the world is your oyster and the only boss you’ll ever have to worry about again is yourself! Focusing on something new can be a fantastic way to move forward and to focus your energy on something that brings you joy.

  1. Professional help

Some experiences leave a mark that is really hard to erase, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If your negative experience involved instances of bullying or harassment, or caused any kind of undue stress, then that can understandably have had a real impact on you and it might be a good idea to look up psychotherapy near me and use the resources available to help you work through it in a healthy way. Consider what areas of your life you need professional help in. You might want to work on yourself in therapy, you might want to consider getting a coach to help you with your business growth, or you might want to start prioritizing your health and fitness. 

Leaving work under negative circumstances is a horrible experience, and one that can have long lasting impact. But hopefully this list will have inspired you to take your old employer to task, and begin your own new, healthy adventure.