Unleashing Overlooked Talent in Your Organization

According to Sudberg, it is important to identify individuals with the right skill set and the most passionate about their work. This will ultimately give them more influence and power in their organization.

Jordan Sudberg noted how many individuals apply for jobs with little or no information about their expectations. Most candidates won’t even take the time to find out what the organization needs and if they have the right qualifications. It is why job descriptions must be clear and let candidates know what they are getting themselves into.

Sudberg also notes that it takes effort to “reinvent ourselves as we age.” To do this, an individual must be able to articulate their skills and know how they will contribute to a particular organization. He believes this can be accomplished by taking notes on work experience, educational background and accomplishments.

Interviewers should also be looking for signs of passion from those they interview. One way to understand this is to ask candidates about their work history. Their answers must be concise and to the point. It is also important to ask them about what they learned from these jobs, as individuals know from their experiences.

Sudberg also notes that we should look at our passions before we review the list of qualities we believe are most important for each position. If it takes you a long time or too much effort to identify your passions, it might be because they were not there in the first place, and you will have trouble remembering them in others.

He notes that the most important point to remember when considering whether or not someone has the right skills for a position is, “do they have the necessary skills?”

The ability to stay motivated and take the initiative when things aren’t going well.

Professionalism Being on time, dressed appropriately for the job, engaging in conversation without being too direct or verbally aggressive. Attention to detail and organization. Sincerity and honesty about their thoughts, plans and motivations. Appreciation for a mission (what an organization stands for). Respect for those who do their work. Loyalty to a company, department or team involves a commitment to all of them involved.

How to Identify Skills, Qualities and Potential

Identify the skills and qualities you need in an employee and know how others will benefit from these characteristics.

Sudberg notes that a simple method for identifying skills and qualities is to take notes on all of your achievements, particularly those that have been rewarded. He believes this can be accomplished by writing down “things you did well” or “things you helped create.” The best way to do this is while they are still fresh in your mind, as it will also allow you to take note of them with more clarity.

In conclusion, Jordan Sudberg indicates that it is important to be able to identify positive qualities in others. He believes this can be accomplished by taking notes on one’s work history, educational background and accomplishments. A brief outline of these notes should also include how those skills and qualities will benefit an organization or company.

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