Leadership and Managing People

Many people who want to become leaders in their field are often afraid of becoming a leader because they don’t know what it means to be a good leader. It can seem like an arduous or daunting task, but there are some things that a good leader does to be a good leader. Jordan Sudberg, the CEO and Medical Director of Spine and Sports Rehabilitation, believes that leading starts at the top, and everyone in an organization can be a leader. He states that “leadership is not always about being in charge” but rather about being responsible for making decisions and doing the right thing, actions employees are willing to follow. Here are a few tips on attaining leadership.

1. Do Not Be Afraid to Take Risks

Being a leader is all about taking action and taking risks. Jordan is an excellent example of this. He has successfully led his team for over ten years, having developed and managed several business units within the company. He has led Spine and Sports Rehabilitation from success to success. Sudberg states that one of the reasons he has been so successful is because he is willing to take risks. Sudberg says that decisions are often made due to risk assessment. If a decision isn’t assessed for risk, it may be too risky for many people who are concerned with what others think about them.

2. Set a Good Example

Jordan Sudberg sets a good example for his employees by showing them the way. Sudberg, who says he strives to be a leader worth emulating, wants to be the best role model he can be. He believes that setting this example shows that he believes in his employees and supports them. Sudberg states that he has always had the goal of becoming a leader, “One of my goals is to develop leaders and to be one myself.” This is good because he tells his employees they can be leaders too.

3. Communicate With Your Employees

Good communication skills are essential in successful leadership. He says that he believes that the most important thing he can do as a leader is to communicate clearly and often with his employees. He says that it is essential to share knowledge with them so they can develop, but also that they are aware of issues and know how to deal with them. Sudberg states that “employees need to understand the challenges we face and be willing to contribute.”

4. Be Fair

Jordan Sudberg thinks being fair is one of the most important things a leader does for people. He says that once everyone knows the rules, it is easier for everyone to accept them. He feels fairness is essential because employees respect a leader who treats them fairly.

Leadership isn’t easy to learn but being willing to try is half the battle. Sudberg states that “it may well be impossible to be an absolutely perfect leader,” why it is essential for leaders to strive for it. Sudberg believes that being a leader is a mutual process; it requires cooperation from the leader and their employees. He says that “everyone in the organization must do their part.”

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