If a person is looking for a good job and they are willing to relocate then there are some options for them. Alexander Djerassi has found there are some states where the need for workers, especially those with skills, is in high demand. Djerassi looked into this and has found the five best states for people looking for jobs.

1. Nevada

This state has a low unemployment rate and there is a need for workers. The economy Is thriving and there are big cities such as Las Vegas and Reno that need people so they can keep running. Panasonic is building a multi-billion dollar plant and they are going to need people to run this to make the Model 3.

Even people that work in the construction field can find work without a problem. There is a huge demand for skilled workers throughout the state. There is a football stadium that will need staff and Vegas is always looking for people to work in the casinos.

2. Minnesota

This state has a lot of land and there are not many people that live here. There are around 45,000 people that work for the Mayo Clinic alone. This makes a huge demand for those to become part of the workforce. Skilled and unskilled workers can take their pick of jobs. If a person likes to have plenty of space and enjoys country living this is a great state for employment options.

3. Nebraska

There is a need for people to join the workforce here. Both men and work get treated fairly and there is plenty of room for advancement. There is a huge demand for workers and a person will be able to get a job without a problem. If a person wants to move to get a job they can find employment before they even enter the state.

4. Iowa

The unemployment rate in this state is very low. The unemployment rate is around two percent meaning anyone that wants to work can find a job. This state has an increase in the younger population. The young people are flocking to Iowa for employment opportunities. With the younger generation taking over there are plenty of entry level positions. As the workforce reaches the retirement age in this state there is plenty of room for advancement too.

5. New Hampshire

This state has some big name employers. If a person is looking to work in the medical field Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center is one of the main employers. There are jobs just waiting. For those that are into investments, Fidelity Investments has been set up in this state. These are five states that have plenty of work based on Alexander Djerassi’s research. They are seeing huge growth for those looking for employment. If a person is willing to make a change and they are willing to move for a job they can go to any of these states. With the unemployment rates so low a person will not have to worry about finding a job.

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