Technical Recruiting: What Is It?

We live in a world today where technology is taking over everything and for all the right reasons- It makes things more convenient and efficient. This is why we’re seeing more and more businesses make the transition to remote work and even technical recruiting. It’s no secret that talented employees are one of the most valuable assets to a business. They are essential to a businesses success, but how do you find such valuable team members especially in the technical space? Well, it all starts with a strategic recruiting process. Moreso, technical recruiting which we’re seeing take on a more popular trend. Businesses are transitioning to technical recruiting for so many reasons, but first, what exactly is technical recruiting? We’ll break it down for you here. 

What Is Techincal Recruiting? 

Recruiting is a process that involves assessing, attracting, and hiring potential candidates. Most businesses have some form of recruiting that’s unique to their organization. However, technical recruiting takes it a step farther. 

Technical recruiting involves a recruiter that is experienced in the IT department. It’s their priority to advertise the open position and seek experienced and talented information technology professionals. This person should be well informed about the area of interest and what it takes to complete the responsibilities. There are two types of technical recruiters to know about- 

  • In-House Technical Recruiter- An in-house technical recruiter is someone who works in the building as part of your staff. They are hired directly as part of your team. 
  • General Technical Recruiter- A general technical recruiter is typically a recruiter you would hire from a third-party hiring agency. This staffing agency specializes in staffing technical positions and takes care of the screening and hiring process. This is the more popular option however, it’s also the more costly option.  

Why Choose Technical Recruiting? 

One of the hardest tasks for businesses is to find valuable IT employees to add to their team. Valuable includes talented and professional employees who are looking for a long term position. Most businesses don’t want to hire staff looking for a short term gig so that’s important to consider. This is why technical recruiting is so important rather than standard recruiting. Standard recruiters know what it takes to bring on additional team members, but by choosing a technical recruiter you’re taking it a step farther. Technical recruiters are beneficial for the following reasons: 

  • Decreased recruiting time
  • Create long-term recruiting opportunities
  • Increases recruiting efficiency

This is because they know the language of information technology and they understand the obstacles that IT departments face. It’s a specialty and the more specialized the recruiter gets, the better they can understand the role and responsibilities of the position a business is trying to fill. 

How to Start Technical Recruiting? 

To start the technical recruiting process you need to first hire a technical recruiter. This can be either an in-house technical recruiter which would be done by following your standard hiring process. Another option would be to seek a third-party hiring agency. Whether you hire a technical recruiter in-house or find an agency to help, it’s important to ask the important questions. Look for someone who is personable since they’ll be representing your business, someone who has experience in the field, a strong understanding of the terminology, and shows characteristics as a problem solver. This potential technical recruiter will be the one who can get the job done with minimal pushback. 

Technical recruiters are highly specialized and talented. They’re important to helping your business hire and attract essential candidates to join your team. Technology is a department that every business wants to be the best in. So, why not hire the best to find the best for your business?