OOH Advertising: How It Can Increase Business

OOH or Out-Of-Home advertising is no longer the only way to market your business. In the internet age, many businesses focus on new digital advertising tactics to attract the most customers and stay trending. However, OOH advertising is not defunct. On the contrary, integrating it into your business’s marketing plan is essential to staying ahead of the competition in the modern age.

Here is a short guide to OOH advertising and the ways you can use it to increase your business in 2020.

What is OOH advertising?

Before you can figure out how OOH advertising can benefit your business, you need to know what it entails.

OOH advertising refers to any visual marketing that you place outside of your business and people’s homes. The most common types of OOH marketing are billboards and signs but there are other options. If you’ve ever been to a bus shelter, a city park, a subway, or an airport, you’ve seen company advertisements on benches and in common areas. You’ve seen them on the sides of busses and trains and all kinds of city furniture.

All of this is considered OOH advertising and could be an advantage for your business. Other options are place-specific, meaning that you buy marketing space in certain areas, such as on cinema screens, at arenas and stadiums, or on walls in the form of murals.

Convenience stores, restaurants, airports, terminals, parks, colleges, movie theaters, clubs, and resorts are all places that your marketing team has at its disposal to make your business name and number known to passerby.

The first secret to using this advertising to increase your business is to know the kinds of people that frequent these transit locations and how they relate to your customer base. Your marketing team needs to know which areas they should focus on to get the most potential clients interested in your business.

If you can figure that out though, everything from shopping malls to taxicabs could become ad space for your business.

Benefits of OOH advertising

Your potential media buyers will love you for it. This is one of the biggest advantages of investing in OOH advertising. With ad blockers becoming more prevalent and the number of sites increasing every day, media buyers are becoming increasingly concerned that their ad space isn’t getting any exposure on most sites.

OOH advertising, on the other hand, is just as visible as it’s always been. Of all the conventional modes of advertising, OOH is still growing in profitability in 2020.

This is partly because OOH advertising is in the process of becoming digitized. It’s now trendy to use fancy video billboards and screens that can play different ads and adapt to current marketing trends without any labor-intensive infrastructure changes.

This is becoming more attractive as online sales increase because with them, ad blockers and data protection services have increased as well. People are more cautious of online advertising now. By contrast, anonymous digital OOH advertising is safe and memorable. Its impact on sales is tangible, going up in profitability even in 2020.

The Takeaway

OOH advertising seems at first like a dying marketing tactic that many businesses are turning away from in favor of online marketing techniques. However, with the growing prevalence of ad blockers and consumer mistrust of online ads, OOH advertising is increasing in profitability. New digital billboards and other integrated ad campaigns are still memorable and effective campaigns useful in alerting people to your business when they’re shopping, riding the bus, or walking the streets. They’ve been shown to benefit businesses in 2020 when integrated with other marketing approaches. Don’t be left behind.