Social media is the perfect platform to grow a business due to the fact that it is free to post and create accounts. Every customer gained from social media will cost very little as you can schedule a month of posts in an hour or two. Social media can also damage your brand if you lash out at others or argue with customers on review sites. The following are tips that will allow social media to grow your business in a consistent manner.

Share Company Content from the Blog 

Expanding the reach of the company blog is going to take daily work. Setting up automatic sharing for a variety of social media platforms is imperative. Giving a preview or asking a question the content addresses can be enough to convince a follower or friend to read the content. Questions coming in from followers about the content is the perfect place to engage with them. The right people sharing a post can allow it to gain true traction and could result in backlinks of people sharing the post on their website. 

Share Industry Content and Ask Others What They Think 

Sharing content is important but only sharing company content is not going to interest followers for the most part. Following an account that simply posts what they have published on the blog is boring. This does not mean that you need to share controversial content simply to drive engagement. Post content with the goal of driving discussion and building a community among your followers. 

Use LinkedIn to Hone in on Possible New Sales to be Made 

LinkedIn can be useful in reaching out to a previous point of contact with a current client. Most people want to work with someone that they know and understand the process of working with them. There is a chance that their new position comes with the decision-making power to sign a long-term contract. A new hire that refers someone is the foot in the door that those with sales closing skills needs to land a deal. Asking for referrals can be done but should only be done with people you have worked directly with. Asking for this when you barely have worked with a person could be seen as negative.  

Finding Contact Information 

Contact information for certain people at a company might be difficult to find on the website if it is even listed at all. LinkedIn is a great place for this but there are people that list personal websites or emails on their Twitter pages. People that want to be found can be easily found on social media while others prefer to be unseen on social media. Being able to directly email or call the person that will be making the final decision can help you surpass employees of this person trying to get you off the phone. 

Social media and cheap instagram likes can be incredible in terms of growing your business. Claim your social media accounts as you can start marketing today for your business at no cost.