Purses and wallets come in all different sizes and varieties. There are a purse and wallet out there for individuals, even the pickiest of people. Many wonder what the difference between a wallet and purse is and the benefits of carrying either one. Both purses and wallets are similar in purpose, to carry identification and hold money. Wallets have been used since the 14th century and were called knapsacks or bags. They were used to carry various items. Purses were created over 5,000 years ago and were even at one point carried by men to hold their coins. Over the years, Helen Lee Schifter believes purses became more fashionable and carried by women all over the world. There are definitely designs out there geared towards men and women. A man necessarily may not want a wallet with flowers all over it whereas a woman may not want a wallet that is geared for a man.

A wallet is usually a male item whereas a purse is typically a female item. Wallets come in all different sizes. Many smaller wallets fold up and can fit in the back pocket of jeans. This is the type of wallet a man usually carries as they only need their license, maybe a credit card, and the money in it.

A purse is a larger fashion accessory and comes in many designs and brands. Many women carry a purse as they hold a lot more items in the purse compared to a male. Some items a woman will carry are cell phones, tissues, feminine hygiene products, money, identification, and much more. Women also are known to carry wallets inside their purse but they are much larger in size. Purses come in a variety of sizes and terms such as a clutch purse, wristlet, cross over, satchel, tote, bucket, shopper, and more. Purses and wallets can be found in department stores or even higher-end design purses and wallets such as Coach, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, or Kate Spade.

Helen Lee Schifter is an editor at Hearst and has attended university. Schifter is firm believer purses are very stylish and can complement an outfit especially during a night out on the town. With a purse designed for every kind of event such as a ball, evening out with the girls, a wedding or funeral, purses can help carry a lot of accessories without the need to have your hands full. A smaller wallet could be used in the summer as there is not a lot to bring with you such as gloves, scarf or hat. However, if you want to go to the beach, a larger tote bag may be necessary to carry water, towels, suntan lotion, etc. Wallets, on the other hand, are more practical, smaller, and can allow individuals to stay organized. They are easy to carry in your hand or in a pocket. Fancier wallets can be used for more extravagant things whereas regular wallets can be carried for normal activities such as work, shopping, and traveling.

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