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Shalom Lamm has many years of experience in the private sector and is the CEO of Operation Benjamin, based in New York which was established in 2018. He attended university and received his master’s degree in American Military History. The mission of the company is to help identify Jewish soldiers within cemeteries throughout America and replace the headstones with the Star of David. Many soldiers who died in World War II were buried without the proper service or gravestone. Operation Benjamin helps bring dignity to the fallen soldier and the family. The organization helps bring comfort to the family within the American Military Cemeteries. Shalom Lamm and the organization assist families of fallen soldiers identify soldiers and assist the family with a proper burial. Operation Benjamin was created by Lamm and is a nonprofit organization and has a group of dedicated volunteers and professionals to guide the organization.

There are several other non-profit organizations people should know about as they may want to donate money or volunteer. The American Heart Association is one of those non-profit organizations to know about with the mission to prevent heart disease and strokes. The organization’s mission is to promote education and medical research to help individuals eat healthily, work out and monitor health to prevent heart disease.

The American Red Cross is known as one of the largest non-profit organizations that provide a lot of services such as disaster relief, blood drives, blood banks, and military support. They further provide food, water and shelter for individuals who have been affected by fires and disasters. The American Red Cross has many volunteers to help the company serve communities.

The Salvation Army is a nonprofit charity that provides services for adults and children. Services the organization provides are soup kitchens, meal programs, housing, transitional living, and emergency shelters. The Salvation Army is a great organization for communities that have high poverty rates and homelessness. The organization further assists veterans and senior citizens get housing and meals they need to continue to thrive. This is a great organization with main volunteers to help serve the community.

The Humane Society of the United States has a primary mission to provide shelter and protection to animals. There are five large centers in the United States to assist these animals. There is also a rescue team to help save animals from abused or neglected situations. The mission of the organization is to save animals, stop puppy mills, stop dog fighting and end animal laboratories. The organization thrives on donations and grants to continue fighting against animal abuse and neglect. The organization saves thousands of animals each year and after giving them the care they need, they are put up for adoption.

Shalom Lamm believes each of these organizations serves the general public and is important in any community to have the best outcome for citizens and animals. With many homeless individuals on the street, it’s important for some of these organizations to help these individuals get the assistance they need such as food and shelter.

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