Florida is not just known as the Sunshine state and beautiful beaches, there are many sports teams in Florida. Many individuals like Benjamin Cory Harow love attending sporting events in Florida due to the warm weather. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Heat, and the Miami Marlins are some of the most popular sports teams in Florida.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a football team located in Tampa, Florida. They are part of the American Football League and often play at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The Buccaneers have made headlines recently as they have won Super Bowl fifty-five against the Kansas City Chiefs. Prior to this Super Bowl, the Buccaneers won in 2002. The team is owned by Joel Glazer Tampa Bay has further made headlines when Tom Brady left the New England Patriots to the Buccaneers. Rob Gronkowski, a former New England Patriots player, also joined the Buccaneers.

Miami Heat is based in Miami, Florida, and part of the American basketball team. The basketball team was started in 1988 and plays at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. The team has won several championships to include 2006, 2012, and 2013. The owner of the basketball team is Micky Arison. The most popular players on the team are Jimmy Butler, Andre Iguodala, and Jae Crowder.

Spring Training is huge in Florida as this is where many baseball teams gather to practice for the season. Florida has a baseball team called the Miami Marlins, part of the American Professional Baseball team. The team’s home base is located in Miami, Florida, and was founded in 1993. The team is owned by Bruce Sherman and the President of the team is Derek Jeter. The Miami Marlins won the championships in 1997 and 2003.

Benjamin Cory Harow is an Emergency Medical Specialist located in Florida. He looks forward to attending sporting events once the Coronavirus is over however restrictions will need to be put into place in order to keep individuals, employees, and players safe. Harow reported many individuals may not feel safe attending sporting events for some time due to the close proximity people will be to one another. There will need to be safety measures put into place to protect everyone. Many individuals reported they will not attend sporting events until a vaccine is available and proven effective. It would take about twelve months to get everyone vaccinated before even thinking of opening stadiums for sporting events. There are very few people that would feel safe going to a sporting event right now. Prior to Coronavirus, individuals didn’t think twice about attending a sporting event with everyone stuffed shoulder to shoulder. Now when people attend, it could be a death sentence depending on their immune system. Since Covid spreads quickly in crowded areas, proper procedures need to be in place before stadiums are open for sporting events. People desperately want sports back and miss watching it, but want proper safety measures in place before in-person events are allowed.

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