In recent years, it has become a more pressing issue that plastics and other wastes are having a large effect on the earth’s health. In order to prevent things such as more waste, as well as more impending issues of global warming, climate change, and wildlife health, it is very important to change plastic and other wasteful habits. With support from people such as Helen Lee Schifter, reusable water bottles are becoming more popular and useful to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Shopping at Grocery Stores

In many normal stores that people shop at regularly, such as places like Target and Wal-Mart, reusable water bottles are readily available. Coming in many different styles, such as insulated to keep the water cold, or with a sports cap for use during a workout. These bottles also fall within a variable price range, which allows bottles to be purchased under anyone’s budget. In short, finding a reusable water bottle that fits one’s personality and style will not be hard, allowing them to use it as an accessory as well as a healthy alternative to plastic, single use water bottles.

Specialty Stores

At other stores, such as places like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Sierra Trading Post, are made for exclusively selling sporting goods or other outdoor activity gear. In these stores, water bottles are something that are fully stocked. Especially for those who are looking for a reusable water bottle to fulfill their specialty lifestyles, such as keeping water cold on a long hike or allowing it to hold enough for a long trip, specialty stores are a great place to look.

Finding a Water Bottle Online

If a store doesn’t fulfill the needs of a reusable water bottle someone is looking for, there are a large number of them on online stores and shapes. Shopping online allows anyone to find the exact reusable water bottle they’re looking for, in order to ensure they are making a purchase that will hold up over time. In some cases, these bottles are customizable, whether it be features or decoration. At other online shops, the creators may even put their own artwork on the bottles, allowing people to really personalize their new bottle.

In the best case, shopping at an online store with eco-friendly shipping practices will contribute to the preservation of the environment as well. Either way, buying. A reusable water bottle online is a great way to make the change from plastic, single use water bottles.

Making the Change to Reusable Water Bottles

Using a reusable water bottle is a new way to support the preservation of the environment as well as the lives of everyone and everything living within it. Single use plastic water bottles are a large part of the negative effects placing the Earth at the time, so reducing the use of them, or even cutting them out completely, will take a lot of the pressure off of the environment and pollution. People such as Helen Lee Schifter promote these reusable water bottles, bought from stores or online, in order to reduce plastic waste in the long run.

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