Marketing Experiments

Marketing is the least favorite business chore for most of us. We don’t have the time or the knowledge and it costs a fortune. Even experts who have studied it have trouble following the ever changing atmosphere that prevails.

So let’s try to have some fun with it. Experiment. Use today’s monitoring to get some results to indicate where to go next and what works. What are the numbers? Who do you need to spearhead? How is it best to go about it?


According to experts at, videos are big these days and online advertising in the social field is constant. These areas can be used to experiment and most of them allow a shorter ad than on the television or newspaper.

Alexander Djerassi has educated himself on some uplifting and interesting advertising with photos and short blurbs. People who are working with restaurants, hotels and some social meetings find that one aspect of each to comment on and give positive feedback. The photos are well done, have subtle enjoyable scenes of the place with action involved and the blurbs, though short, make a person look and be interested. Photos are short in time but can be held in place longer.

So try short videos with lively pictures and a short script. People would rather see than read. Try re-slanting the video or reusing it by reaching out to a different audience or trying a different approach. Keep it short for the most part and keep the expense down. Watch the demographics and see if it works, how well it works and if you are reaching buyers. See what works to draw in the buyers rather than only the lookers.

Do not be frightened to try a longer video. If demographics show that works better, then go for it. The experiments are to discover what will work and what works best.

Targeting the Advertisement

Rather than targeting large groups of people by certain demographics, it might work to try smaller groups centered on more personal interests, like hobbies. Rather advertising to all people from 17 to 65, try advertising to the people interested in animals or golfing, a smaller sub group. What would interest the people wanting your product? Show your product in a lively way. Alexander Djerassi shows an ocean scene that excites interest in nature lovers.

Already a Friend and Client

By giving a phone number, the company is asking the customer to call. That allows a salesperson to give the person full details of the product. Not bad, but what if instead of or along with the number, the person watching is assumed to be interested. The advertisement can be tailored for that. If a person is shown and the blurb says, ”I’m next in line to get one.” it might be more inviting.

Be positive while making the advertisement. The result will carry through to the customer. It is not voodoo or magic. It works. Take a chance on something innovative, but always be positive.

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