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Running away from our problems is never good. Avoiding stress because of anxiety and fear of the unknown is also never beneficial. Many people lose clients, employees, friends, and even family because they avoid problems. With every problem, there is a solution. If that was not true, none of us would be here today. There are thousands of people who let evil spread into their life. With the power of God and his good grace, conquering stress is possible. False accusations may make it seem like something is not our problem because we know it his not true. Stangers have no way of knowing that something is a lie. The digital world makes it hard to prove what is true and what is not. In some cases, people believe facts off of telenovelas instead of honest people. That is why people like Diego Ruíz Duran keep a positive attitude if something goes wrong and only rely on facts.

If there are any issues online, it’s easy to just turn off the computer and phone to avoid it. However, that is not healthy. It is important to ‘enfrenta un problema’ before it grows into a big issue it’s important to talk to friends and peers about the issue. Getting advice on a subject can be very helpful when trying to come up with solutions. Other insights can help develop a clear view of a situation and help a person be more understanding of the different points of view. With the world becoming more virtual and less face-to-face interaction, it’s hard to see how people truly feel about issues. Although talking over Skype or video calls is a possibility, it is not the same as human interaction. 

Acceptance is also a very important part of letting go of a negative mindset. Avoiding issues is very bad and can lead to many problems down the road. Being logical instead of emotional about certain subjects will help lead to a successful outcome. For example, many presidents have to face problems as soon as they arise because they know it can hurt citizens if they delay any activity. They have to be logical and not emotional. Sometimes, when dealing with high profile clients,  Diego Ruíz Duran has to use his intellect and honesty about certain situations to best serve the clients. This is because in the world of criminal justice, so much can go wrong if problems are avoided and not taken care of or talked about in full honesty.

As the world changes, remember to be flexible and fluent with it. It’s easy to get caught up in negative situations. For many, feelings of isolation and loneliness can occur because of the global pandemic. Try to remain positive and honest about issues that may arise. Cuanto mayor es la dificultad, mayor es la gloria.

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