When a person is exposed to natural lighting, the body is much more satisfied. It certainly takes a person a bit of time to adjust to such lighting after working inside all day. Sitting at a cubical might be the only option for some people. That’s why wellness professionals like Helen Lee Schifter suggest having a plant or window at an office space. 

It might be hard to ask for a custom cubicle when starting a new role, so that’s not highly recommended. However, being able to adapt that space into one full of nature and life is fully in the professional’s control. Additionally, on lunch breaks, going outside for a break or walk can be very beneficial. Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in work so having that balance is very healthy. Natural lighting is also great because of its environmental impact. LED lights, UV lights, and many other energy sources take up a lot of power. If the power isn’t clean energy then it can easily have a negative impact on the office and also the environment. Helen Lee Schifter believes that natural lighting should be built into offices, homes, and business spaces because of all the great benefits it has.

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