In the justice industry, there are a lot of strong individuals who have high intelligence and even higher work ethic. With that, there comes a lot of responsibility. Lawyers like Diego Ruiz Duran are astounding leaders in the justice system. In order to be successful in their craft and clients, lawyers have to dedicate more than just time. 

Leadership is important because the industry is flooded with headstrong individuals. A lot of law firms open because lawyers aren’t typically known for working under others. After going through years of education, leadership is just something each lawyer poses. They work tirelessly to find solutions for their clients and with that, they build a regime of leadership. Lawyers have some of the toughest jobs in the world. There are times that clients can question moral and ethical standards that have been put in place by parents or families. However, putting the interest of the client over everything is what makes leadership so critical in the industry. Diego Ruiz Duran is adamant about putting his clients’ needs over his own in every situation.