One of Mexico’s leading criminal defense attorneys is widely known not only for the incredible amount of vigor, enthusiasm and hard-work he lends to each of his cases; but also for his unrivaled media savviness. Diego Ruiz Duran has become one of Mexico’s best known criminal defense attorneys over the last fifteen years of his practice. His involvement in the successful representations on behalf of a number of high profile clients are widely known in the country.

While his tenacity and willingness to work tirelessly on behalf of his client’s causes has long been established, his understanding of the media landscape is one that deserves to be highlighted as well. There is no question that when an attorney is tasked with defending a high profile client that has been accused of a crime, there are two audiences that an attorney needs to concern themselves with. There is the court of law and the court of public opinion. Too often, we have seen international cases in countries around the world, where the court of public opinion has seeped beyond the courthouse doors, in a way that ends up having an effect one way or another on the outcome of the case.

This is a concept that is in no way limited to courts in Mexico; but instead is an unfortunate pattern that we’ve seen take shape in legal systems around the world. For this reason, it’s incredibly important for competent criminal defense attorneys that are engaged in high profile cases to be conscious of the effect that a media firestorm can have on their client’s case.

Diego understands this and also has a unique and unparallel understanding of the way the media works and operates. Indeed, those in the legal world that deal with representative matters that pique the interest of the media, need to have a comprehensive understanding of the way the media in its current form, operates. It’s different than the way traditional media has ever worked or operated in the past. For instance, with traditional media (and this is still the case) there remains a standard journalistic process when it comes to running stories.

Of course, there are still those outlets that seek to pursue salacious subjects to cover in an effort to produce click-bait and generate the interest of readers. But with the digital advancements in the media space where social media and the blogosphere has totally proliferated the industry, the dynamics of media have dramatically changed. The rapid nature at which consumers are able to access information has accelerated at a pace nobody could have dreamt of, just a few years ago. This of course is in part due to the advents of Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms that have taken a life of their own.

All these changes in the media world require attorneys involved in high profile cases that the media is shedding a spotlight on, to have a level of media savviness and understanding that most simply do not. Time and time again, Diego Ruiz Duran has demonstrated a keen understanding of the rapid nature of the news-cycle and the importance of attorneys to understand how to use the changes in the media industry to the benefit of their clients. This certainly isn’t a skill taught in law school; nor is it one that can likely be taught outside of the confines of a classroom. But it is undoubtedly one that is innate. Based on his management of the media in the many high profile cases Diego has been involved in to date, it’s clear as can be that he has this unrivaled ability down to a science.

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