Law & Order is a show that is infamous for shedding light on a lot of corruption, darkness and general foulness of the world that we live in every single day. It is a series that for over 30 years has shown viewers that the darkness of the world does not define who we are in the world but that it is still important to confront the darkness in order to move toward a brighter tomorrow. Defense attorney Diego Ruiz Duran is a huge fan of the show and encourages others to watch.

Dick Wolf, the creator of the series, had a relatively simple vision for the series when he was first conceptualizing the show. Initially, Law & Order was going to be a show about law enforcement and the general work that goes into maintaining law and order. Simple as that. As episodes started to be released and reception was rolling in for the studios, Law & Order began its transformation into a more cerebral look into the criminal justice system. This shift began for Wolf after watching the pilot which was not picked up by CBS. NBC picked up the ball where CBS had left it and decided to run with the show despite worries that the themes would be too heavy for audiences to experience week after week. 

Slowly but surely Law & Order transformed into the innovative and iconic series that audiences enjoy today. The successes of the original series eventually spurred the studios involved with production as well as Dick Wolf to eventually work on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a spin-off series that would focus on crimes related to child abuse, sexual violence and mistreatment of the elderly. The goal of this show was to highlight an NYPD division that focuses on handling crimes that are sensitive and require different, more specialized methods of treatment. In this aspect, Law & Order can be considered a series that is not only shedding light on the darkness of the world that we live in but also the history of what was happening in the past and, in the case Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, what is happening today in the present. These two shows are well known for blurring lines concerning right from wrong but they do so while talking about history specifically history related to New York City and the NYPD. For example, Law & Order would often showcase police officers that would handle cases violently only to be reprimanded by superior officers, something that was and still is politically urgent today and. In an even more modern way, the show currently discusses different facets of the coronavirus pandemic which ravaged New York State. 

Viewers can see exactly what the NYPD is doing to mitigate the spread of the virus in the streets as well as at the precinct while enjoying the aforementioned raw themes the show is exploring. History is something that a lot of people are worried about confronting but for folks such as Diego Ruiz Duran who is a renowned defense attorney from Mexico, history needs to be highlighted and unpacked. On his twitter account, Duran stated that the past heavily influences our present meaning that people need to understand what happened in the past if they hope to apply the necessary changes into the present. Law & Order and Mr. Duran have a lot in common when it comes to better understanding the world we live in now in hopes of making it a better world to live in down the line.

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