Online marketing has changed the way business is done in a variety of ways. There are online stores that can drive sales by ranking at the top of search engine results. Local marketing will take a more refined approach as not all businesses operate outside of the local area. Online marketing might not be the specialty of a business owner so it is imperative that they outsource this. There are a number of reliable marketers in the form of an agency or freelancers if you want to build your own team.

Social Media Matters

Social media is a huge part of online marketing for businesses of all sizes. The best part of social media is that it is free although local businesses can find a great ROI with Facebook and Instagram ads. Measuring the ROI on these ads is important as you might find one social media platform doesn’t deliver results. Social media accounts need to be claimed as these can come up quite high in search results. Engaging with local news accounts and other businesses can expand the reach the account has locally. Any service from dumpster rental to HVAC repair can benefit from having a strong presence on social media. 

Responses to Online Reviews

Local businesses need to stay on top of their online reviews. Responses to these reviews can lead to these being deleted, edited, or the rating completely changed. Not all customers are going to be happy with a business as services like mechanical work can be far more expensive than anticipated. Do not be combative in the comments as people could sign up for multiple accounts just to rate the business poorly. You do not want to get involved with vindictive customers online as it rarely goes in a positive direction.

Updated Contact Information and Hours of Operation

The contact information on Google should be updated as well as hours of operation. There are some businesses that have limited their hours during the pandemic. The hours should be accurate as a person might go straight to a competitor if the business is closed when it is said to be open online. You would be surprised as to how far people drive for a particular meal or service. The first impression that you make could be your last especially if a potential customer is relying on this heavily. 

Marketing Aspects That Competitors Do Not Offer on the Website

There might only be a few businesses that compete in the local areas with your own. The aspects of a service or product that they do not offer should be accentuated on the website. Free delivery of a product could cut costs immensely for a customer depending on the weight of the product. Cheaper prices for the same service might work when accompanied by a plethora of positive reviews online. 

Marketing a local business can be done creatively so customers know the name in the area. Doing this efficiently online can give your business a huge advantage over local competitors.