One of the greatest accomplishments in American history was the moon landing. There are so many hidden facts that are fascinating about such a transformation event in human history. Shalom Lamm, a history expert, believes that so many details are lost when sharing monumental historic moments. With this event in 1969, so many little known facts will pass if they are not written about.

When in outer space, there are so many diet restrictions that come with it. Obviously, the food has to be non-perishable, and in 1969, the technology used to create such food wasn’t ideal. There are no refrigerators in outer space, meaning that when the astronauts wanted to eat, they had to add water to their food and try to heat it up. In the 60s, food either came out of toothpaste or was pureed. Given it was the first time anyone went to the moon, it was uncertain how certain food would react in a person’s digestive system.Dehydrating food was also popular. This was a way to keep food from going bad if astronauts had to be in space for many months. Now, common cell phones have more memory storage than the computers onboard Apollo 11 had. Technology is rapidly changing and these little known facts are important to adapt with history. Compared to the technology in 1969, NASA has really changed the world. Astronauts can now orbit in new and improved ways that keep them safe and transmit data in more efficient ways. Shalom Lamm believes that with this transformative technology, history will develop even more fascinations.