There is so much going on in the world. Yes, a pandemic is occurring but let’s dig a little deeper. Social justice movement, protests, and laws are being put to the test during this current climate. How do we, as a society, band together to defeat a common evil?

Masks, although commonly known as a barrier to stop the virus’ from spreading, have grown a more in-depth meaning. My new designs contribute to the spread of individualism. For example, Helen Schifter, a New York native, has worn masks that complement her personality. They are very minimalistic and really speak to her Zen persona. On the other hand, Billie Elish, a popular artist, wears Gucci maks for premier events. During protests, many people had BLM written on their masks to show that they are standing behind a common social issue. 

Just because half of a person’s face is covered, doesn’t mean that they lose themselves. For many makeup lovers, wearing masks has left them feeling stripped of their identities. Wearing bold lip colors or showing off tattoos is important for some. Hiding beauty under a covering can definitely cause some despondency. Many workers are also required to wear these heavy masks for up to twelve hours. That can decrease the quality of the skin and irritate pores.  As unfortunate as it might seem to have to wear a mask, there are far greater sacrifices people have made for the common good. There are countless websites that now sell masks ready to ship. There are so many colors, styles, lengths, and other details that can be customized to a person’s own taste and preference. Use the resources that are available to support small businesses. Many have created iconic designs that are sure to resonate with someone. Like Helen Schifter always says; “It may not be easy to adapt to the world we live in today, but it sure can be fun if we make it to be”.

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