Smart entrepreneurs like Shalom Lamm have been noticing trends as of late, where businesses are moving their brick and mortar stores to the web. This isn’t entirely because of the Coronavirus health pandemic, but there is little doubt that the pandemic accelerated this move.

The reality is that people find shopping online whether it’s from the comfort of their home or elsewhere, to be incredibly convenient and expedient. And it’s obvious why. This is part of the reason that brick and mortar stores and shopping have continued being led to obscurity. As sad and disappointing as this might be to many of the employees and stakeholders that are reliant on this part of the retail business, it’s a trend that will not show signs of slowing down.

For this reason, we’ve seen a number of savvy businessmen and businesswomen in the retail space start making substantial investments in the digital marketing space. There are a slew of different inherent advantages and benefits to utilizing the web to scale one’s business. Namely, using a variety of tools business owners can micro-target who they are advertising their products and services to. For this reason, Shalom Lamm believes that prudent business-owners will continue making investments in digital marketing in the months and years to come.

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