Digital marketing has been an incredibly important ingredient to the fabric of any business that has sought to develop and grow itself over the last several years. With more and more people turning to the web to consume information about news and to conduct their shopping and purchasing of products and services, it has certainly become a sought after commodity. But during COVID-19 especially, the ways in which digital marketing can help businesses scale, grow and develop, is truly unprecedented. Ken Kurson and other entrepreneurs share this view.

Indeed, we’ve seen how with people wanting to limit human-to-human contact, there has been more demand than ever before for online shopping. The utilization of e-commerce platforms has been in vogue; with juggernauts like Amazon and AliBaba achieving valuations at all time and historic highs. Indeed, shopping online during a pandemic allows consumers the protection to be able to shop without any concerns regarding contracting the virus. There’s certainly no exposure that one has to worry about when purchasing online.

But Ken Kurson believes small businesses should be capitalizing in this environment by making substantial investments in digital marketing. And indeed many entrepreneurs agree with him – and for good reason. When the retail industry continues to experience signs of dramatic weakness, it’s a natural transition and progression for business-owners to go to the web to further develop their client and audience base. This is a trend that will continue; and it would indeed be prudent for businesses small and large to make such investments while they still can.

By Article Editor

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