Best play-to-earn games

Play-to-earn games are a new addition to the dynamic sphere of gaming. As such, they are currently at the forefront of driving big changes that offer actual financial payoff for gamers. 

Incorporating blockchain tech and non-fungible tokens into games has already proved itself to be an immense opportunity and an excellent direction for the future of gaming. 

If you have come across the term P2E game, you will not at all be surprised to hear that you can now become an owner of in-game assets and a marketplace seller, earning payoff on gaming in a cryptocurrency and trading it off for real-world money. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

What are they, how do they work, what are the benefits, how does one get any money from it, and what are the best games at the moment? We will dive into these questions and several more in this article. 

Play-to-earn games explained 

P2E/PTE games are a revolutionary form of gaming that offers several benefits. There is a large number of upper hands if P2E and they include the following: 

  • Players in P2E take control and become owners of in-game assets. Ever felt it was unjust that the assets you obtain in games are not yours to keep, control, or manage? 

In the end, it was you who worked hard to get a hold of them. Well, say hi to P2E where everything you get in the game is yours to keep, trade, sell, and rent. 

Thanks to the incorporation of blockchain, the data speaks for you. Anything that is yours is safely yours, as these NFT collectibles come with transparent ownership. 

  • P2E games provide real monetary incentives. Depending on which game you opt out for, not only will you be able to get assets such as skins, characters, vehicles, cards, and more, but you will also be rewarded. 

What is meant by being rewarded is that there is a sense of gratitude for players contributing to the game’s economy, be it by various levels, quests, achievements or, simply, by the time spent playing the game. Expect to earn items and tokens. 

Best play-to-earn games on the market in 2022 

This is not the easiest choice to make and it comes down to personal preference, but some games have set themselves apart from the rest by their immense success, rewards systems, active players, payoff, and more. 

Our top three play-to-earn games this year are SolChicks, Gods Unchained, and Axie Infinity. 

  • SolChicks: Want to battle an intergalactic enemy, the chicken race called SolFox that is trying to take over the SolChicks’ home planet called Chicco as you complete missions, raids, quests, and battles? If yes, this game has got you covered. 

However, this is not only a battle game, but a game in which you are also expected to bond with your chick character, working on enhancing its properties and traits, thereby earning a higher value of your collectible NFT as you get XP and pass levels.

  • Gods Unchained: An intricate and fascinating tactical card game. Here, players wholly own all of their digital items. Therefore, you are completely free to use, trade, and even sell your cards as you would do with real-world ones. 

If you have a thing for outsmarting opponents and testing your tactics and strategies, you will be down for this one. As you start playing, you will join in as a god that you chose, battling another god. Employ spells and creatures and earn yourself a victory. 

  • Axie Infinity: A game that is well known all-throughout the NFT gaming communities. This game throws it back to the good old Pokemon/Digimon days. 

Expect yourself to be in charge of playing with, altering, and enhancing the traits of your pet creature Axie. Collecting and minting them are part of the process. 

If you are still reading this and haven’t already clicked off to check out chicks coins or one of these top-tier games, all that’s left is to wish you a good game. Welcome to the world of P2E gaming.