How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Platform for Your Brand

The internet has changed nearly everything about our daily lives. It’s changed how we connect to our friends, how we learn, how we find new entertainment, and how we make purchasing decisions.

This was somewhat inevitable. The internet has been a powerful, society-disrupting force from the very beginning. 

When first made publicly available, people were genuinely concerned the internet might break society.

Fortunately, that fear was quite overhyped. It did, however, get at the underlying power the online space has to change things.

This change has only been made more apparent in the last few years. The onset of the pandemic made in-person activities pretty much unfeasible for quite a while.

As a result, the internet gained even more prominence. People used apps and online platforms to substitute for the many features of daily life they could no longer partake in due to social distancing protocols.

While this has obvious impacts on pretty much all aspects of daily life, one of the most prominently impacted areas is the marketplace.

Businesses have seen a substantial increase in their online sales. People have grown used to the convenience of shopping online, and they aren’t eager to go back to the days of in-person shopping.

But while this means that there’s more opportunity than ever to expand your brand and reach your target demographic, it also means there’s more competition than ever.

That’s why it’s important to choose the best platform for your brand. 

How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Brand

While it may be tempting to follow your favorite industry leader beat for beat, the best approach to digital marketing is going to be individualized.

The first thing to consider is where your target demographic tends to spend the most time. 

Different people frequent different social media channels and consume media in different ways.

Younger people are likely to be on newer apps like Tik Tok and consume more media via videos. 

Older people tend to read more content on blogs and frequent older social media platforms like Facebook.

You need to make sure your advertising and creating content where the people who are most likely to buy from you are.

Additionally, you need to consider how you can add the most value. If your business’s branding is more informal, you’ll likely be most successful using entertainment as your advertising hook.

If this is the case, you should stick to more visual mediums like pictures and videos. These mediums are more engaging for people looking to be passively entertained, meaning your brand will better connect with those people this way.

On the other hand, if your brand is more technical and speaks to experts, written content is far more likely to connect with them. 

Written content is better at diving deep and providing more information. This makes it more likely to draw in customers from older or more professional demographics.

Try to launch your digital marketing on platforms that abide by these rules. Then, monitor how each platform is doing. Slowly adjust your spending to support the channels with the highest returns.

By taking this kind of personalized approach, you’ll connect with the people most likely to buy from you, ultimately leading to faster growth and more profit.