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Phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets are taking up more of our daily lives then we could ever imagine. Americans spend two-four hours a day on their phone, let alone other devices. Is it their fault? Can it be altered? It may not be easy to unglue a device from one’s hand, but it can be beneficial to a lot of people. Blue light from screens is something Helen Lee Schifter likes to avoid. She prefers to only be active for certain times of the day and other than that, she enjoys being with nature. 

Taking a break for an electronic device is a lot harder than it looks. So much of our information, if not all, comes from sources on our devices. That includes; social media, news outlets, grocery store apps, and of course, an unlimited amount of information via Google Search. As people have adapted to rely heavily on devices for information, they don’t realize the negative effects it might have on their future. By replacing scrolling on Instagram for an hour with a walk outside, the body will get some fresh air and be overall a happier system. The mind will be full of fresh oxygen and exercise always helps release endorphins to the brain. Even a subtle lap around the parking garage or a walk through a park on a lunch break can help separate the digital world from our daily routines. Helen Lee Schifter enjoys sitting outside in her Hampton estate, watching wildlife in her backyard. It doesn’t matter if you live in Kansas or Los Angeles, going outside for fresh air to break the amount of technology consumed in a day is very important.

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