Getting yourself a new place to live in and planning where your precious ornament will fit in? Whether moving to a new place or even living in an old one, the most crucial concern is safety.

With the advancement of the world, the robbers and burglars are getting smarter and more equipped. Hence, it is important to modernize our solutions to these security issues. In today’s world, there are a million new ways to take care of our home doors. Below are several ways to make sure that your home is burglar proof.

Lock the doors and windows:

First things first, always start with basics. Make sure that all doors including the entrance, back door, and garage are locked. This should be taken care of whether you’re at home or not. It is reported that most of the time burglars use front doors to enter a property. Thus, keep in mind to lock any doors or windows that are not in use.

Replacing and repairing:

It is often important and a good idea to change the locks when you buy or rent a new property. This is even important if the property has been rented or bought by other people before. In this way, you’ll be sure that no stranger has keys to your place.

Finding the right lock and key Rochester service is one thing but another crucial step is to make sure that the material of the doors is strong. It needs to be sturdy enough to bear any slams or kicks by the opportunists. Examine and replace immediately any broken doors as well. 

Make certain that the strike plate is inserted properly with screws that are an inch in length. This is important to make sure that the door bolt won’t come out with ease. Reinforcement kits are a good option to repair the weak spots of the door as well. A security bar can also be used for further support.

Hiding keys in uncommon places:

People often hide their keys under the doormat or in a plant pot. These spots are well known by robbers and burglars. It is better to find a spot that is out of the ordinary. Spare keys could be handed over to your trusted neighbor also. Don’t give access to lock and key to anyone unless they are trustworthy.

Keep your possessions inconspicuous:

It is often tempting to show off an expensive item in your lounge or anywhere where it is too noticeable. However, it is not recommended to do so.  Cover your windows with blinds to avoid any stranger from catching sight of your valuables such as electronics, ornaments or tools. Also, keep your vehicles locked inside your garage when you’re not using them.

Motion-sensing lights and Installing CCTV Cameras:

Technology never fails humans. With the beneficial invention of motion-sensing lights, you can detect any danger easily. You can even install a motion-sensing adapter in a regular light bulb socket. These lights can easily spot any intruders who are pacing towards your property. 

A security camera footage could help you in so many ways before or even after a burglary. The storage could be stored for further investigation if a robbery takes place. You can install the camera application on your own cell phone to keep an eye on your house no matter where you are. It is smart to install cameras both on the outside and inside of the house.

Avoid hiding spots:

Get rid of any regions in your yard or backyard that can serve as hiding spots for the opportunist. Tidy up your garden and grow shorter plantations. Moreover, trim any bushes or trees near your residence.  Light up all the areas around your house to keep burglars at bay. Make sure no pathways are left unlighted. 

Don’t keep any items or tools that may aid a burglar in accessing your house. These could be ropes, rods, or ladders. It’s best that you keep all these items locked inside your garage.

On the whole, there are few things that could be proved fruitful to make your home a safe space to live in. Burglars are smart but you can be smarter.