What it Takes to Give a Great Presentation

When one has a presentation to give, it can be incredibly stressful. one needs to make sure that everything is in order and ready the day of the event. A presentation needs to go off without a hitch so the audience doesn’t lose any credibility. In this article, we will share ten crucial tips for giving an excellent presentation.

1) Create an outline

By creating an outline, one will have a clear direction of where the presentation is going. This can also help to ensure that all points are covered during the speech. One should make sure that they stick to this throughout their talk and avoid rambling or skipping around too much as it could confuse people or lose them altogether. A good example is Father George Rutler.

2) Use visuals

One should always strive to use visual aids during a presentation. It is much easier for the audience if they can see things instead of simply reading them off of paper or hearing about them from someone else. If one has prepared any evidence, charts, graphs, or other images that would be beneficial, they should bring those along for the ride.

3) Be engaging

It is easy for one to get into a rut and read off of their presentation. While this may be better than nothing, it won’t do much to keep the audience engaged with what they are saying. One should practice delivering the speech to seem like they are talking directly to each person individually rather than just reading off of a script.

4) Practice

One should practice the presentation as much as possible before it happens. This will help to ensure that all of the pieces are in place and nothing is out of order. If something does go wrong, one can easily refer back to their outline, so they know exactly where to pick up again without skipping a beat.

5) Prepare for the worst

It is possible that something could go wrong during a presentation. One should always try to prepare themselves in case this does happen. This means having an alternative plan of action, whether it be simply pausing and taking time to fix whatever went wrong or deciding ahead of time if they will abandon their talk altogether depending on what happened.

6) Know the material

It doesn’t matter how prepared one is if they don’t know their material. If a presenter knows precisely what they want to say, it will be much easier to pull off whatever comes up during the talk. One should also have some backup plan if something happens and they can no longer continue with the presentation.

7) Know the audience

One should do their research and make sure to know who they are talking to. This will help understand what is appropriate and how far one can push certain people or groups. It is also crucial for a presenter to gauge an audience member’s reaction if something happens that isn’t part of the plan.
With these ten crucial tips, one will give a presentation that they are proud of every time. By following these simple steps, one can deliver their speech with confidence and accuracy no matter the situation, just like Father George Rutler.

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