In a world that is experiencing a technical revolution, it can be difficult to predict with any accuracy, how the future will look, and we’ve already seen amazing digital developments, with chat text turning to voice calls, then came the real-time video call. Social media was born in the late 1980s, when Mark Zuckerberg created a network for Harvard students to keep in touch, and this steadily grew to include other learning institutions, and it didn’t stop there. Today, billions of Facebook users spend hours looking at what their friends are doing, using the platform to interact with others, and, of course, let’s not forget the e-commerce that occurs thanks to social media platforms.

Mobile Connectivity

The world is going mobile, thanks to people like Elon Musk, who is currently sending hundreds of low-orbit 5G satellites into space, and when every inch of the planet has high-speed Internet, we will all rely heavily on our mobile devices. The data transfer speed with 5G is around 10 times faster than 4G and that will allow devices to communicate instantly. If you were to ask any leading digital marketing company like Move Ahead Media Adwords Agency about 5G connectivity, they would confirm that within a year or two, we will all be enjoying hi-speed mobile connectivity.

Voice Activation

According to the experts, voice activation will very soon replace texting, which will please those with large fingers, and merging with AI will boost this tech to the point where we all talk to our devices, which will, of course, talk back. Wireless connectivity and 5G will make is easy to have a group Facebook video chat and after a couple of years, texting would be obsolete.

Visual Content

You may have noticed the trend for more hi-res images and video when you look at social media content and this will continue to develop, with perhaps a choice of content that can be retina controlled, allowing you to switch screens with a glance. Rich content can be used when you have a stable 5G connection and the developed countries are already installing 5G towers in every major city and shortly, this will include remote areas, which can also benefit from 5G satellites. Here are some great tips on how best to use video to build a social media presence, which is well worth a read.

Virtual Reality

This tech is rapidly moving forward and pretty soon, we will all have a VR headset that takes us to another world, and aside from entertainment, VR can be utilised in many ways. The major social media players will move into VR as soon as they can, in an attempt to engage their users with the latest tech, and with VR merging with AI, you can expect to see marketing strategies that use these technologies. Click here to see how schools are making good use of VR and AR, which highlights the advantages of this new technology.

Social Media Monitoring

As social media develops, it needs to be managed properly, and we can already see the likes of YouTube and Facebook deleting unsuitable content, while some say we will eventually create a social media governing body.

The future of social media looks rosy and if you run a business, don’t forget the undeniable power of social media platforms for marketing, which could turn your company around.

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