Over the past decade, social media marketing has been about using images. Images drove the highest engagement. This is because people have always preferred visual content. Images still work and will continue to do so for a long time. But right now, it is the era of video. Most social network algorithms nowadays give preference to video content. 

If you create the right video content, you will generate more engagement and sales. So, to help you get the most out of videos, I have shared my top tips below…

Publish Instagram video stories every day:

Instagram is the network to be on right now if you want to get the most out of videos. Their algorithm not only gives preference to videos but also generates more engagement in general. 

But if you want to get the most out of it, you should be creating more stories and not in-feed posts. In-feed posts can drive some engagement, but they have become very competitive. So, if you want to generate more engagement, you should switch to creating stories. There isn’t much competition for them and the fact that they only last for 24 hours leads to more views. 

You don’t have to create a sophisticated video here either. You can simply take a video with your mobile device and then edit it with a free video editor. There are also several tools out there that let you schedule stories to Instagram. You can create several stories in advance and schedule them to go out every single day.

Create search optimized YouTube videos:

YouTube is another place to build your presence with videos. But think of it more as a search engine than a social network and create search optimized videos. 

You can do this by conducting keyword research to see what kind of topics get searched on YouTube. You should then create videos around these topics and optimize your videos with keywords in the title, meta description, and tags. 

Broadcast webinars as live videos:

Live videos generate more engagement than other types of video content. For example, on Facebook, live videos get 3 times more views than videos that aren’t. So, create more live videos. Make them part of your content calendar. You don’t have to do a live video every single day. Running one a week should suffice. 

You can actually do a multi-platform live video too. There are several webinar software out there, that let you run a live webinar and simultaneously broadcast it to networks like YouTube and Facebook. 

This can broaden the reach of your webinar and boost your social media engagement. 

Run video ads:

Video ads drive more clicks and sales than image ads. Also, you can include a lot more information in a video than a still image ad. So, create more video ads especially on networks like Facebook and Instagram. But make sure you test out different video styles and lengths to see which types of video ads work best. 

On Facebook, you can also run live video ads. But there are certain requirements you need to match before you do that. So, make sure you look them up.

Work with influencers:

Influencer marketing has become extremely popular because if you get it right, you will be able to generate a higher ROI from it than with other paid marketing methods such as ads. 

If you are investing in influencer marketing and want to generate an even higher ROI, you should get the influencer to create video content to promote your products. You could even create the video yourself based on what has worked for you in the past. 


These are the 5 different strategies you can use to build a strong social media presence. Begin implementing them today.