These days business owners are scouring the internet looking for the very best ways to target their potential customers and optimize their ad purchases to reach the audience they think will be most interested in their products. One of the very best ways to advertise digitally is something that may seem obvious but actually is the smartest method to achieve their desired results. I’m talking about buying ads on Facebook. But not only are smart business owners buying digital ads on Facebook, they are hiring a Facebook advertising agency to partner with to really optimize their ad buys. If this is something you are interested in, read on and we will discuss this subject at length in our article titled Facebook ads: 4 tips and tricks.

One of the most intriguing new ways to advertise on Facebook is to use micro-targeted video ads. Video ads are the wave of the future and we have some great tips to get you started with this exciting method of reaching your customers. Some of the best video ads on Facebook in 2019 shared some common features that we will now discuss. One important thing you might that might not be intuitive for you is that to be most effective with your video be sure to shoot it vertically as opposed to normal video shooting which is done horizontally. This is the modern method and will attract more of an audience than the traditional aspect.

Demographics and locations are some of the most direct forms of targeting, but they are crucial factors to successful campaigns. For example, you can use this framework to target specific demographics and locations based on age, sex, demographics, languages, geographic locations and interests. You can also try other combinations to narrow down to your exact target audience. Using a Facebook ad agency will make this a snap, they have the tools and experience to really target where and to whom your ads might be most effective.

Targeting is a really great tool to use for the most effective way to optimize your Facebook ads. Almost the same as saying “know your user”. Let’s think about the kind of product you’re advertising: who’s more likely to be interested in it? What’s their gender? What’s their main age range? And what do these users like? What are their interests? This is how you’ll find people who actually want your products. Ever noticed you’re always seeing ads of things you like or that you usually work with on your News Feed? That’s good targeting right there, by that specific advertiser. Finally, go over all the other details, so as to make sure you’ll reach the target you want your product to hit. For example, if we wanted to promote a travel product, we’d be aiming at those users who are interested in “travel”, “paradise” and “tourist attractions”, but also who may have “used a travel app in one month”, which is a Behaviour.

Facebook advertisers are slowly coming around to using emojis, but they’re still underappreciated. Facebook is not a professional network and should not be treated like one, even if you’re a business to business advertiser. Including emojis in your ad copy will not make your ads look unprofessional and can really help improve their effectiveness. Getting noticed is the first job any ad has to do to succeed. Emojis can really help your ads stand out in the Facebook newsfeed. A word of warning — it’s easy to overdo it with emojis. If you do, you’ll struggle to get your ads approved, and your ad copy can become difficult to understand. And if your ad copy isn’t easily understood, your ads will not perform very well.

Creating a solid Facebook ad campaign is all about understanding the platform and utilizing the features you have at your fingertips. While you definitely need to think about the ad itself, you have to start with the platform you’re using. Once you decide who you’re targeting and what you’re willing to spend, you can then focus on the granular details. Using these four tips and tricks, you should be able to get started and experience some initial success. As always, remember that Facebook is constantly changing its advertising platform, so stay on top of any new developments and apply them accordingly.