For companies that think the business world in Thailand is changing quickly, they are not alone. Without a doubt, there are numerous developments and advances that seem to take place in the blink of an eye. This is a good thing because it means that Thailand, specifically Bangkok, is growing quickly. At the same time, it also means that businesses that want to keep up and remain relevant in today’s world need to make sure they know how to compete in the modern era. With the current state of technology and the growing role of SaaS (Software as a Service), the market is volatile. Projections might become outdated in a matter of days. This means that digital marketers need to think strategically about how they are going to apply SEO in Bangkok.

First, localized searches are playing a major role not only in Thailand but around the world. Localized searches are those that trigger the search engine to look for specified results in a given area. Some of the important “tags” that will ask search engines (such as Google) to look in a specified location include names of towns, provinces, zip codes, and even searches that include “near me” which are going to trigger the search engine to use the individual’s IP address. It is critical for businesses to make sure they have a strong local SEO presence.

This means making sure that their business’s contact information is up to date on the business directories of various search engines. Search engines, such as Google, use a business’s contact information (including address) for local SEO purposes. This way, if a potential customer types in a relevant local search, their website is going to pop up. This is going to play a critical role in brand awareness in 2020 and beyond.

Next, voice searches are going to become more common in 2020 and beyond. Now more than ever, potential customers are using voice commands to enter their search queries. Because people speak differently than they type or write, this is going to shift the manner in which people create search engine queries. Therefore, this is going to impact the way search engines look for results. It is important for businesses to gather data on how these voice searches are going to impact the keywords and phrases that are relevant to their business needs.

Finally, videos have grown to become an incredibly popular form of content. Over the next few years, videos are going to dominate when it comes to content. Businesses need to feature videos about their products and services if they want to remain relevant in 2020. For example, videos of the unboxing experience regarding their products are a great way to get customers excited about a potential service. Videos also play a major role in social media platforms, such as TikTok, where they can generate a larger following for the company. When videos are used alongside how-to articles and infographics, they can play an important role in a company’s SEO campaign.

Thailand is a country that is growing quickly. Numerous companies are looking to invest in this rapidly developing nation. This is going to make the landscape more competitive, so businesses need to do everything they can to increase their brand awareness. This means having a strong digital marketing campaign with strong SEO tenets.