With the internet only becoming more prevalent as the years continue to tick by, dating is getting a complete overhaul as well. While there are still plenty of opportunities to meet someone the old-fashioned way, those who are no longer in school might have a hard time finding opportunities to meet new people in person. With the convenience of online dating apps, it is easy to see how the world of dating has changed in such a short period of time. When it comes to dating advice, there are a few trends that everyone should watch for in 2020.

First, the idea of the virtual vacation is already gaining steam. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone into the virtual world in the first place, those who are looking to meet people might not have many other options; however, this isn’t all bad! There are tons of museums and aquariums that are offering people the ability to take a virtual tour of their exhibits! Some aquariums have even released their animals to roam the halls in the absence of any guests! This is a great chance for people to experience some culture with their significant other in a virtual way!

One of the biggest pushes in the dating world this year is to disconnect from the internet. People are trying to turn back the clock in a big way. Sometimes, it is nice to just lay on a blanket together and stare up at the stars with a nice drink. This is one way that people can totally disconnect from the world around them and get lost in the beauty of the outdoors as people spend the night together.

Game nights are making a comeback as well. Some people are wondering if they ever left. The good news is that game nights can take many forms. Some people like to go with something traditional such as Sorry, Life, or Monopoly. Other people prefer to reach for games that are a bit more involved, such as Settlers of Catan. Finally, there are couples that love video games. Regardless of the games that couples enjoy, the goal of game night is to add a twist to it. This can be anything from the “loser does the dishes” to something a bit more involved. Watch for this dating trend in 2020!

Finally, many people are embracing the idea of picnics in 2020. Simply going to a local park is a great way to get away from everything and spend time with a boyfriend or girlfriend. With a few homemade dishes and the beautiful sunshine, enjoy the fresh air of a local park and break out the picnic basket! Look for this in 2020 as well!