Big or small, kids or no kids, every home needs some sort of air freshener. Of courts a small hold full of small children may need it a little more than most, but regardless, it’s a good idea to keep around if you plan on having guests over. When it comes to picking a means of smelling fresh, there’s a wide variety of options available. A lot of popular ones are spray bottles, candles, and gels. But there are a lot of unconventional methods as well, particularly incense and essential oils. In all honesty, as long as you keep your house smelling good it doesn’t matter too much how you do it. But essential oils have started to change the way air freshening works, and is definitely a good thing to think about.


Now, it’s important to remember that essential oils aren’t exactly a new thing. Basically, they’re a concentrated juice/oil. This can be derived from fruits, such as oranges and lemons, or strawberries. It can also be derived from things like mint, flower petals, nuts, and roots. Pretty much anything you can boil or steam, you can turn into an essential oil. 

Essential oils have been used in the past for a lot of medicinal purposes, to help with fevers, colds, coughs, or to help with sleep. This is what makes them a great air freshener. Not only do they disperse into the air extremely well, but they can also set a great mood. You can have essential oils that help with sleep, or that create a focused and motivating environment. You can pretty much set yourself up for however you need to feel. 

On top of being used as an air freshener, essential oils can also double as sleeping aids, and in some cases ingredients. Many businesses have an edible line of oils that can be used in morning or pre workout shakes, protein shakes, and in everyday meals as a flavoring or nutrition boost. These are great options, as long as you made sure you read labels and follow the instructions carefully!


You can also use CBD oils alongside essential oils. CBD has other health benefits that you can’t get from essential oils alone, and when used in conjunction, you get both the benefits of fresher air, and also knowing that you are taking steps to improve your health. Make sure you understand the differances in CBD potency levels before jumping in with both feet though!