This holiday season there will be a significant amount to unfold. As people are taking more responsibilities towards staying at home during the pandemic, it’s obvious that these events will be slightly different this year. Those who have to fly to see family every year, might not have that opportunity or want to take that risk. Grandparents especially will have to consider the stakes when it comes to exposure. It can be fearful to travel around the country now. With so many people struggling to keep their jobs, and their health stable, there is too much to consider going forward. That being said, that is why people like Benjamin Harow do their utmost to figure out ways to have Thanksgiving as a full family. This year will have many tribulations for people, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be triumphs as well. The digital world is growing each and every day which is why it’s critical for many to make sure that they do their best to make this Thanksgiving one for the books. 

Now, there are a variety of different platforms to choose from in regards to having a virtual holiday. There is Zoom which is the most popular video conferencing platform. It does have a forty minute cut-off time so it’s best if people purchase the premium version. Although it’s digital, people can pick their backgrounds almost like a green screen. This allows people to have more personable experiences and relate to each other much better. Zoom also offers interactive and fun filters. This is great when keeping children entertained as they might not fully understand why Thanksgiving is so different this year. Skype is also a great option for people who already have those accounts. It’s a very timeless option for many people. Since it came out log before zoom, it allows people who don’t have an account to stay on longer. However, it doesn’t have the fun and interactive features Zoom does.

Lastly, having a simple FaceTime or Whatsapp call is completely negotiable as well. People can use multiple devices that way to keep people more enchanted or involved in the conversations. Thanksgiving is all about giving to one another and communities. By setting up a drive that gives people the opportunities to donate, it can be very beneficial to communities. Benjamin Harow enjoys volunteering as well. There are so many varieties in which people can give or attain a better relationship with public servants. During the spread of COVID-19, volunteering, and being physically active might not be an option. However, thanks to the digital access so many people have nowadays, it’s easy to stand together and unite as a country this Thanksgiving. 

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