We cannot underestimate the importance of protecting sensitive information. In the modern world, the continuous improvement of security systems highlights just how vital security is to our business, but also the number of hacks shows just how open to breaches we are. 

Businesses are becoming easy targets for cyber-attacks because of simple oversights. But any business can utilize simple practices to protect their passwords. A password, when guessed correctly, is an easy data way for a hacker to access sensitive information. But using MFA (multi-factor authentication) is one of the best ways to provide additional security.

What Is MFA?

MFA is a method of security where users will need to identify themselves through two or more different factors. Traditionally, a username and a password are the only credentials needed to access sensitive information like email. As passwords are becoming more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, using MFA provides multiple layers of protection.

How Does It Work?

MFA requires at least two of the following three categories:

  • Knowledge: a password, PIN, or security questions.
  • Possession: a card, a USB device, or a separate app linked to your device.
  • Inherence: fingerprints, retina scans, and facial recognition.

There are different types of MFA available, but the most common methods are:

  • Tokens or certificates.
  • Codes generated by smartphone apps.
  • Codes sent to an email address or via text message.
  • Behavioral analysis, including time, location, device, and network access.
  • Answers to personal security questions.

MFA and its additional layer of security mean that using MFA can block 99.9% of attempted hacks, which can make a big difference to your business security. 

Why Does Your Business Need MFA?

As a way to provide essential protection to sensitive data, every business needs MFA. There are a handful of simple steps to provide a massive layer of security measures. Many managed IT service providers can help to get you set up to protect your passwords so your company can continue its daily business without worrying about cybersecurity issues. 

With the recent increase in remote work, businesses and employees need more protection than ever. Remote workers may also be using their own devices at home, and this is an increased security risk. MFA is a very simple way to increase safety measures in every company.

If you are concerned that your business isn’t doing enough to protect itself, but you are struggling to find the best course of action, MFA is such a simple way to provide extra protection to shield sensitive company information from hackers.