The Rapid Rise of Social Media

All around the world, people are becoming increasingly dependent on social media. The common people have found a new outlet in which they can express their views and interact with others without fear of the information shared online. Several other outlets are also at work trying to implement better systems for connecting with these audiences, which explains why over a billion users regularly share personal information online. It does not mean that social media has been completely embraced by society; it still has its critics, and many people have lost trust in what is being shared. Raphael Avraham Sternberg is a fellow leaning in favor of the technology, and he is doing so by sharing what he thinks are the most promising services active in this sector.

The Rapid Rise of Social Media

Social media is a topic that has been in the news for many years, and at one point, it was becoming more popular with every passing year. It changed when concerns were raised over its socialite use and many privacy issues involved. As technology develops and people feel the need to keep up-to-date on their daily lives, the average citizen will continue using these online platforms as they share personal information online. According to entrepreneur Sternberg, three social media services are worth following and have the potential to change how information is shared. He states that these are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

1. The Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool that has become very popular in recent years. This platform allows users to share personal information with others, and several different services can also identify what other users are sharing. Also, new features have been added to this social network over time, and many people have found it useful for keeping up with family and friends. This service is often viewed as a place where people share personal information online without regard for privacy. Still, Raphael Avraham Sternberg believes that when necessary precautions are taken, it can be used by everybody who wishes to share their life with friends.

2.The LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a website that allows users to share information with others and find out what they are like based on their activities. Businesses can use it as an input point to base decisions, and many people have found this useful. The company is also trying to connect people with other members of the same profession, bringing a new aspect to social media. Using the service makes it possible for people to connect with professionals that may need to be made aware of their actions when sharing information online.

The Twitter

Twitter is a popular application that allows users to share personal information online. Celebrities and several other influential people have used its platform, stirring concerns among some common people. Several services have been developed to better connect with those of importance. It has proven to be a useful tool for many professionals who use social media as part of their job.