Many health concerns have arrived since the beginning of COVID-19, similar to entrepreneurs like Alexander Djerassi. People are in a panic and afraid to leave their homes. Now one would think that the pandemic will soon come to a close; however with vaccines still only being at 95% effective and not everyone will get it when it becomes available. Due to the downsizing of many companies which is not limited to law firms. Most attorney firms don’t see an increase in their caseloads in the next few months. Many of them had to lay off staff and are hiring people without a law background. They have replaced their assistants with automatic phone operators and robotic online chatbots. This is because of the decrease in the economy which has led to massive cutbacks. Attorney’s will be conducting digital data reviews of research, billing, and cyber security. It may even be intact with jury selection as well. These are among the issues that will play a major role in 2021.

One will question the idea of whether or not justice will play a major part in 2021? The answer is simple, they’ll just have to wait and see. Attorneys will have an increase in clientele come the new year. This is partly because of unemployment and businesses shutting down. Law will matter dramatically in 2021 more than ever before. Due to the fall in health insurance and a rise in financial ruin, one in millions of Americans may feel the need for bankruptcy. As the relief package is being finalized it won’t be enough to help struggling families become afloat. Jury selections for cases involving a jury will continue in 2021, this doesn’t include grand jury cases. Police procedure rules will be examined including racial profiling, excessive use of force by police officers, relinquish the purchase of military equipment, and the use of body cameras.

Another law that will be visited is the plan to diminish homelessness and poverty on the streets. They shouldn’t be penalized for loitering and trespassing. This shouldn’t result in arrests being made. This would lower the capacity of prisons. There also shouldn’t be an arrest for personal use of marijuana and or prosituition. The justice system will evaluate the long term sentences of inmates, especially one who has been sentenced to death, solitary confinement, and those who can’t afford to pay their high debts associated with criminal conduct. This includes any warrants that were issued due to non-payment and those that have been arrested. Technology will have an increased diverse role in legal practices. Lawyers like Alexander Djerassi will continue to strive for excellence and maintain a professional relationship with their clients. However, it will have to be demonstrated in a digital era. Their clientele will be seen as an added value to their practices. In the past, only large firms would hire top-rated lawyers, but today and beyond, even small firms will take on one of higher stature. Legal practices in 2021 will reevaluate their policies and increase training procedures for clients.            

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