It is truly difficult for one who has never had a career in fashion to imagine what it would be like to have one. An individual, like Helen Lee Schifter, could expect to meet many different people, from different walks of life. The most exciting part of the job would be to see how diversified peoples’ preferences can be among so many different people. No doubt one would have a lot to learn.

An individual would benefit greatly from having customer service skills and being able to engage in healthy conversations with people. It would be very difficult to work in this occupation for a person who would not consider themself a people person. If one were to succeed in the industry as an employee, they would need to be able to be friendly, even on days when they are not in the best mood. This is something that is beneficial to be able to do for any job but is particularly more important when dealing with people in a role like this. One would undoubtedly encounter many different personalities, and if a person doesn’t feel comfortable with that, this would probably not be the line of work for such a person.

There are many different apprenticeship programs and other training programs available for those who are serious about pursuing a career in the fashion industry. These days, one only needs to be motivated strongly to find a program that is suitable for them. There is an abundance of information online that would be helpful to a person that is motivated to succeed, and one would undoubtedly be able to find a program suitable for them.

What would determine an individual’s training regiment, or what an individual would seek to learn would depend on what type of position one would desire to fill in the fashion industry. If one wishes to be a hairstylist, for example, they may find it suitable to go to a hairstylist school. Whereas, if someone were to aspire to be a sales associate, they may be able to gain enough training through being trained at work.

There are many different positions available in this industry, and one may wish to explore the different positions if they are interested in working in this industry. Some of the positions include sales associates, merchandisers, stylists, public relations specialists, inventory planners, account managers, retail buyers, designers, creative directors, quality assurance managers, and production managers. Some of these positions obviously require more experience than others. With some drive and determination, a person could obtain an entry-level position and move up in a company as in any other industry. Helen Lee Schifter, an expert in beauty recommends people use social media to keep up with trends. If one is strongly interested in pursuing a career in this industry, their best move to start with may be to gain insight on different job descriptions within the industry to determine what exactly it is that they want to do within the industry. Thankfully a google search will be sufficient to gain information for one who wishes to do so.            

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