Want to Change Lives in the Community? Here are Tips to Start a Charitable Organization

Most people have different reasons why they would want to start charitable organizations. While some do it to honor the memories of a loved one, others do it to share innovative ideas that will help the community. However, people who start such organizations are driven by a passion for doing what they do. It has never been an easy job, and that requires people who are willing to start a charity to be fully committed to the noble cause.

Unlike non profit organizations that use their income to accomplish their mission, charitable organizations use the funds to improve the lives of others in society. Leaders such as Father George Rutler want such charity organizations but wonder where to begin. This article is the ultimate guide on the steps a person can take to start a charitable organization.

5 Steps of Establishing a Charity

1. Know the purpose of the charity

It all starts with the why? Running a charity is not an easy task. Anyone who gets into it without clarity of why they want to do it always finds the journey very difficult. A clear vision and the roadmap to where the organization should be in the next couple of years keep the management going. What people do not know is that a charity doesn’t have to be a big organization. Simple deeds to the benefit of others also count as charity. A good example is Rutler. He was once honored by the city council of New York for his heroic efforts in a fire incident.

2. Build a strong foundation

Starting a charitable organization is not something that anybody can do within a day or two. It is tasking and involves quite many professionals. That includes a legal team, accountants, public relations personnel, and a marketing team. With the right professionals, the organization is destined to do everything right and towards success.

3. Incorporate the organization

A charity is a legal person by itself. That means that the organization can make decisions on its own without the managers getting liabilities. Incorporating the foundation also increases the legitimacy, and thus people can easily give grants to it. The incorporation process ensures that the foundation stays at par with the government laws, regulations, and requirements.

4. Let there be clear strategies

Father George Rutler believes that obviously the main goal is making the foundation successful, but then how do we get there? While some founders go for a long-term legacy and sustainability, others want to use their short-term results to attract long-term growth. Either way, how the organization conquers all the storms and the stumbling blocks to success is all that matters

5. File for exemption of taxes

The government allows some organizations like charity and nonprofit organization’s relieve some taxes. An exemption means that an organization has the right to exclude some or all their income from taxation. The government does this intending to support the noble work done by such foundations. In short, the benefit to the community is an advantage to the federal government.

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