Are you always on social media? If so, then you might want to consider working in the industry. It’s one of the most rapidly growing segments of our economy. Therefore, the abundance of opportunity is palpable. However, most of us seem to think we would not qualify. On the contrary, you can work in a variety of positions within the industry. Chances are, one of them would be a perfect fit.

Best Fields for Work in the Social Media Industry

Since the dawn of social media, its growth has only accelerated. Today, tech companies dominate the stock market. In fact, they composed the fastest appreciating segment of the S&P 500. Now, everyone wants to get a piece. If you are looking for work, get your cv in order and try one of the following positions which are among the best.

Manager of Marketing

As advertising shifts online, marketing follows with it. Typically, marketing managers control the various advertising campaigns run by companies. Since so many people are on social media, it represents a prime market. Thus, this field seems to always be hiring. Entire advertising campaigns will be under your control.

Would you describe yourself as someone who likes to take charge? In that case, this industry would be particularly appropriate for your personality. During the day, people will respond to you. Nevertheless, we recommend you have some mathematical skills as well. Otherwise, you may not notice the trends correctly. If that is the case, you might miss out on key opportunities.


Did you know many of the posts you see online were not written by the people who own the accounts making them? Actually, people spend entire careers writing content for other people.

If you happen to be talented with the language, it could be an appropriate industry for you to explore. Grammar is of particular importance. If something is not easy for other people to read, then it does not do much good. Since so many people lack these skills, this industry has fairly high compensation. Therefore, your talent as a writer may be more valuable than you were told.

Art Director

We get it. Sometimes, you want to exercise your creative prowess throughout the day. Most of the time, office jobs simply cannot accommodate. Well, you are in luck. Today, the social media industry needs a record number of art directors.

Every time you go online, you are bombarded with images, sights and sounds. Each of them was designed by someone. That someone could be you. As long as you are willing to work hard, it’s a great avenue for career prospects.

Customer Service

All companies need some help on the backend. What happens when things go wrong? Everyone knows that you call customer service. Someone needs to be on the other end of that line.

Ultimately, it may not be the most exhilarating job. However, you are providing a much-needed service. Plus, you get to start building experience within the industry. Next time someone has an issue, you could be the person to solve it.

Digital Artist or Graphic Design

Were you the student who spent all of their time in class doodling? Then, you might want to evaluate the opportunity of a career as a graphic designer. In the modern era, artists are more valued than ever. If you ever had someone tell you that you could not make a living doing what you love, they were wrong.

Now, you can help craft the image of a company from home. Nevertheless, you must have some prerequisite technical skills. Typically, companies want you to be competent with applications such as Photoshop. In addition, it would help if you had some artistic talent.

Media Editor

All-day long, people share videos and photos on social media. When a company wants to promote their brand, they use the same mediums. Instead of creating them, they hire someone else to do the work. Are you talented at editing videos?

If that is the case, your skills would be very valuable for the right company. You can expect a broad range of working environments. Therefore, with the right credentials, you can choose how your work-life looks. Generally speaking, we recommend obtaining a bachelor’s degree at least.

Otherwise, you may encounter some difficulty receiving an interview. Nevertheless, it is possible to overcome these difficulties with the right portfolio. In this industry, creative projects speak for themselves. Suppose you have a personal project. Then, you could attach that to your resume. When your recruiter opens it, they will check out your craft. If it impresses them, it may be enough to score a phone call.

Public Relations

On social media, image is everything. Usually, people post highlights from their lives. As more companies join, things are transforming. Now, entire teams of people Work tirelessly to improve brand perception.

Are you enamored with a particular brand? They probably have a social media account. If they do, you can bet someone is responsible for public relations. In this field, most employers would like their employees to have bachelor’s degrees. Typically, you should get one in a communications specialty. It will be most applicable to your daily activities once you begin your career.

Market Research

Every click someone makes when they are online leaves a trail of data. Once they are gone, algorithms scoop up this information. Following that, the information is processed.

As a result, we are left with heaps of processed data. Usually, we call these analytics. Market researchers spend all of their time working with this. Social media represents one of the most abundant sources of this type of data. When companies want to improve their performance with particular demographics, they call you. People who are good with analytical thinking are a great fit for the industry.

By Helper